August 2000

Colloidal Crystallization in 2D and 3D: The quest of Novel Materials

Prof. Orlin D. Velev
Chemical engineering Dept., University of Delaware

Since the first report on nanostructured porous Silica appeared in Nature in 1997 (389), the field of colloidal assembling of nanoparticles has seen a tremendous growth.  The original particulate constructions Prof. Orlin D. Velev his team have investigated, can have potential applications in a wide range of industrial areas from biosensors to optoelectronics and optical communications. 

The site is a  rich in content  digest of the Orlin D. Velev research on colloidal crystallization and related novel materials. It includes illustrated descriptions  of two dimensional colloidal assemblies in thin liquid films, assemblies on the surface of emulsion droplets and liposomes, and how to turn colloidal crystals into useful materials (templates technique).
It contains a lot of micrographs of the assemblies, procedures and bibliography.
Orlin D. Velev home page provides also material on current projects, extended summaries of published work on Porous metallic nanostructures, assembly of colloidal particles into miniaturized Biosensors and Porous silica fabrication via colloidal crystallization.

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