June 2000

Bell-Labs: Shaping the materials of the future

Physics Science Research Division 

The Division consists of almost 600 individuals. Of this total, over 500 are scientists, almost all with advanced degrees, and 70% with PhDs. Bell -Labs are located at Murray Hill, NJ.
Bell Labs scientists have earned nearly 30,000 patents, 6 Nobel Prizes, 9 National Medals of Science and 5 National Medals of Technology.
Researchers here actively investigating Sol-Gel made materials and colloidal systems for optical and optoelectronic applications. They have been the first to  demonstrate that Silica tubes of meters size which are used on the IVPO fiber manufacturing process could be produced by Sol-Gel with excellent quality and low impurities to be used as the clad for optical fibers. Other areas of investigations includes colloidal crystals and hybrids.


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