January  2001

Microstructure and Properties 
of Porous Media & Composites (Tony Roberts personal page)


Sol-Gel made materials are porous before consolidation or curing and they can be used as such for a variety of applications. Thermal and acoustical isolation, holographic supports, sensors etc.

Modeling structural characteristics and predicting the porous material properties is what the Tony Roberts personal web site is about. A  well illustrated site with porous model structures ( alloys, polymeric blends, foams, microemulsions etc..) and properties prediction tools. 

The site is structured in three main categories:

Microstructure and Morphology

Which includes models of random distributions of spheres, identical overlapping spheres, and identical overlapping hollow spheres 

Macroscopic Properties of Composites 

Among them  Variational Bounds, Computational Methods, Electrical Conductivity, Thermal Diffusivity, Permeabilty of Porous Media (Fluid Flow) and Elastic Moduli (Mechanical Properties) and

Examples of porous and composite media

Such as Alloys, Porous rocks, Aerogels, Polymer blends, Foams and Foamed Solids

The site provides also a list of related links , and a extended bibliography with abstracts. A number of publications are available in HTML, postscript and PDF formats.

Tony Roberts is currently  Australian Research Council post-doctoral fellow at the Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis of University of Queensland
Queensland 4072, Australia. It can be contacted at :