We regularly review and suggest to our members useful scientific and technological internet resources 

Bell-Labs: Shaping the materials of the future  (July 2000)
Colloidal Crystallization in 2D and 3D: The quest of Novel Materials   (August 2000)
The Center for Applied Microtechnology (CAM) (September 2000)
Silica Aerogels  at Berkley National Laboratory (November 2000)
Polymers and Liquid Crystals (PLC) (December 2000)
Microstructure and Properties of Porous Media & Composites (Tony Roberts personal page) (January 2001)
Fuell Cells 2000 (March 2001)
CMS Molecular Biology Resource (May 2001)
Advanced Powder Synthesis Laboratory (July 2001)
Photonic crystal and Photonic band gap Links (May 2002)


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