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Which Tungsten Alkoxide?

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Topic: Which Tungsten Alkoxide?
Posted By: yfaheem
Subject: Which Tungsten Alkoxide?
Date Posted: 23 February 2010 at 8:23am
Hi Everyone,
                    I am a PhD Student from The university of Manchester. I am in serious need to a solution to my query so I would appreciate if someone could advise.

I am working on doping of TiO2 sol-gel films with W ions.

First, I want to know whether W+5 ions are better or W+6 ions to improve the photocatalysis of TiO2?

Secondly, I need to find out which Tungsten Precursor is better, W (VI) Isopropoxide (liquid) or Tungsten (V, VI) ethoxide (solid, liq) or any other?

I think the answer would not be that difficult for someone already working in sol-gel or for a chemist.

Thanks for a look and your effort.



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