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hydrogels stable against alkali hydroxides

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Topic: hydrogels stable against alkali hydroxides
Posted By: EK50
Subject: hydrogels stable against alkali hydroxides
Date Posted: 07 August 2008 at 3:00am
Hi, everybody,

I'm looking for gels which 
a) are hydrogels (i.e., have water as the liquid phase)
b) are stable against up to 10N alkali hydroxide solutions.

Does anybody know such gels and, possibly, how to
obtain them? (I'm a newcomer in the gel field ...).

Thanks in advance

Posted By: haranath
Date Posted: 07 August 2008 at 11:00am

You can use sodium meta silicate dissolved in water (pH >10) and gel it with HCl. But in this case the particle and pore sizes are too large (sometimes up to microns). If you clarify me the use of hydrogel for a specific application, I can suggest a better one.

All the best.

Dr D Haranath
National Physical Laboratory-India
Dr K S Krishnan Road
New Delhi - 110012 INDIA

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