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General WebGuides Thematic WebGuides
Search thousands of topics in hundreds of interest areas. Excellent
Another good webguide with review and site ranking 
A powerful general directory with web sites reviews and ranking.
Internet Sleuth (presently thebighub)
Internet Sleuth is a bit different from the other search engines you might have used. While Alta Vista or Lycos attempt to index the entire Web The Sleuth maintains an index of searchable databases, most of which can be searched directly from The Sleuth, simplifying the search for information. Meta search (7 engines) and categorized webguide (science links)
Webguide and search engines Web sites reviewed (science links)
A guide to the Web's top sites reviewed, chosen by Britannica's editors (science links)
Links2Go is the result of over 10 person years of research into Machine Learning and Intelligent Agent technology. Links2Go provides an interface allowing web surfers to browse links by topic, find links and topics related to an interesting link, and to search for links and topics.
ReSearch -it
Search Dictionaries, Thesaurus, quotations, religion, maps, facts, people biographies, Zip Codes
Search 14,000+ Academically Valuable Resources and reviewed sites from a multitude of fields (science links)
Database for U.S. government sites
The European R&D portal
The internet premier research library. A selective collection of topical guides with review and ranking of sites
The Awesome Library
Organizes your exploration of the World Wide Web. It contains 14,000 carefully reviewed resources, the top 5 percent in education. Select who you are to see an Awesome Library that is designed for you. (science links)
BusinessWeb is dedicated to being an effective resource for accessing business information on the Internet. The BusinessWeb resource is 100% business, segmented across major industries and accessed through an effective search interface. BusinessWeb also provides access to premium content, industry news, events and important links to key resources.
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