Savy Search
SavvySearch includes 12 search engines, 12 Web portals & indexes, 5 News providers, 6 shareware web sites, 4 usenet directories and a portal with a variety of topics
Inference Find
Inference Find queries the best 6 search engines on the web, but can be configured to call any search engine. You can also try InferenceFind in German or InferenceFind in French
Internet Sleuth
(presently thebighub) 8 major search engines and a multitude of specialty search engines from Arts & humanities to Travel. Meta search (7 engines) and categorized webguides (science links)
Meta Crawler
A metasearch service that combines various existing search/index guides into one service. In response to every user query, MetaCrawler incorporates from the top search engines on the Web. It collates results, eliminates duplication, scores the results and provides the user with a comprehensive list of relevant sites. 
Ask Jeeves
Queries in natural language
Meta search of the Web (choose the quantity of engines to search)
Highway 61
Highway 61 is a "meta-search" site. Your search will be sent to a number of Internet search engines and the results will be compiled into a single page. Currently, your search is submitted to Yahoo, Lycos, Webcrawler, Infoseek and Excite.
Cyber 411
You get relevant results from as search engines as you want. And you can customize your search to mimic Cyber411 and its search results. Your searches can be as specific as you want - you’ll even be able to use full sentences Additional features with the free registration include saved search results and bookmarks, freee-mail and more. 16 search engines and directories
A portal and Metasearch of 13 WWW Search engines, 4 Usenet sources, and 2 FTP archives
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