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Coating on Glass Technology Roadmap workshop
Livermore, Ca, 2000

Advanced Ceramics in Glass Production: Needs and Opportunities (285K )
44pages 1999, From Oak Ridge National Laboratory  
Ceramics Industry
By D.W. Richerson and D. W. Freitag
Intended to update Industry individuals on ceramics materials advances. 
Glass Industry
Update of materials needs (mainly ceramics) for the glass industry  
The glass industry held a roadmap workshop to identify these R&D needs in April 1997. The Glass Industry Roadmap Workshop Report can be downloaded in PDF format, and Selected High Priority Research Needs can be viewed in HTML. 
Glass A Clear Vision for a Bright Future  
February 8, 1999 (81pages)
Condensed-Matter and Materials Physics: Basic Research for Tomorrow's Technology (1999)
Published by the National Academy Press. Browsable online (308 pages)
Biomaterials Availability: Potential Effects on Medical Innovation and Health Care


New Biocatalysts: Essential Tools for a Sustainable 21st Century Chemical Industry  
August 2000.. Published by The Council for Chemical Research.
Technology Vision 2020: The U.S. Chemical Industry  
The Technology Vision 2020 is a call to action, a strategic plan, for the U.S. chemical industry. 
Technology Vision 2020 is available electronically from ACS I&EC Division.
Vision 2020, 1998 Separations Roadmap  
November 1998. Published by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.
Vision 2020 Catalysis Report
March 1998. Published by The Council for Chemical Research.



Semiconductor Roadmap  
The 2001 Edition  of the International Technology Semiconductor Roadmap. Future needs on design test equipments materials lithography and more.



WTEC Workshop on Global Assessment of R&D. Status and Trends in Nanoparticles, Nanostructured Materials, and Nanodevices, 1997
National Nanotechnology Initiative (U.S.A.)
Technology Roadmap for Nanoelectronics 
(1999 edition) 652 kB from "
Future and Emerging
Technologies" (FET) web site at
Cordis (EU R&D server)



The European Roadmap towards the Optical Communication Age
65 pages, 1998 draft.
Japan's Near-Term Optical Storage Roadmap.  
from Optoelectronics in Japan and the United States at the Japanese Technology evaluation center, Loyola College, Maryland

Optoelectronic Interconnects Roadmap
(1999 edition) pdf file from "
Future and Emerging
Technologies" (FET) WEB SITE AT
Cordis (EU R&D server)



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