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See also Physics Organization and Professional associations
Physics and Science Reference 
The Ultimate Physics Resource on the Web.
from Institute of Physics
The physics Departments & Documents Network
A portal to worldwide physics resources including physics departments, online Journals, educational resources, Physics jobs, Physics documents and Conferences.
Maintained by the department of physics of the Carl Von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg
Physics Servers and Services Around the World  
(previously TIPTOP)
University of Iowa Nonlinear Optics Resource
Plasma on Internet (Weizmann Institute)
Excellent source of information.
Plasma Sites and other related fields of research on the Web
Physics Time-Line
A chronology of fundamental discoveries in physics from the ancient Greeks until today
Neutron Scattering  
at Argonne National laboratory
Small Angle scattering Worldwide
This web page serves as a table of contents for the organizations that make up the world-wide small-angle scattering community  
The Laws List
Laws and principles by Erik Max Francis.
Treasure Trove of Physics
Physics definitions and equations by Eric W. Weisstein.
Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme
General relativity around the world
High Energy Physics Information Center (HEPIC)
Internet resources on high energy physics
Physics related resources on the Internet
From American Physical Society
Photonics resources  
from the web site of OSA
X-ray WWW server
Fusion for 21st century
A picture gallery of famous physicists
Contemporary Physics Education Project 
Educational resource about particles physics and fusion research
Atomic Physics
List of atomic physics resources
Physics of the Unbelievable
Illustrated Dictionary of Physics

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