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General Information 

Intellectual Property rights Helpdesk
A comprehensive information center on patents, trade marks, copyright and other related intellectual property aspects.
Service provided by the European Community 
US Patent and Trademark office
IP Tutorials & Guides
This page provides some helpfull tutorials & guides on IP including documents on Technology transfer, documents on confidentility agreements and some other useful information on IP protection for those involved on European funded projects. 
Inventors Handbook
This handbook was created by the Lemelson-MIT Prize Program to address the independent inventor's and aspiring entrepreneur's most frequently asked questions.
Copyright and Intellectual Property Resources
at the University of Virginia Library
The intellectual  Property Law server
The intellectual property law server provides information about intellectual property law including patent, trademark and copyright. 
The independent Inventor Resources Center
From the US Patent office
The Franklin Pierce Law Center Intellectual Property Mall  
The patent "supermaket"  it is intended to offer "one stop shopping" for intellectual property professionals in academia, business and science. List of Links


Patents & Trade Marks databases

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Official Gazette. (1995-)
The Official Gazette is published each Tuesday to announce those patents being issued and those trademarks being registered or published for opposition. Search or browse 1964-present. Provided by USPTO.
U.S. Patent Bibliographic Database (1976-)
Searchable database of front page information from US patents issued since 1976. Provideded by USPTO.
U.S. Trademark Electronic Search System (TEES)
TEES contains more than 3 million pending, registered and dead federal trademarks.
STO's Internet Patent Search System (1790-present)
Search all years of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Patent Databases using Subject Classification Codes.  Provided by Source Translation & Optimization (STO).
The U.S. Patent Citation Database (1975-)
Search "front page" information about each patent since 1975 Provided by Community of Science.
Delphion (previously IBM patent server ) updated link
Search  bibliographic and claims portions of U.S. patents since 1974 to the present. 
QPAT-US (1974-)
Search the front page information of all U.S. patents issued since 1974. Accessible at no cost to individuals who register with QPAT-US.  Provided by Questel-Orbit

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Foreign Country Patent Databases


INPI  FRANCEC.gif (962 octets)
Acess to the French patent and trade marks database
Canadian Patent Database   CANADAC.gif (910 octets)
Searchable database of Canadian Patent Bibliographic data. This database lets you access over 75 years of patent descriptions and images. You can search, retrieve and study more than 1,300,000 patent documents. Provided by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO)
European Patent Office
The European Patent Register on-line (EPIDOS) 
Provides information on all European and Euro-PCT patent applications. Records include bibliographic data, legal status information but no description of the invention (claims or abstracts).
This is the search engine page from the European Patent office. Search a database of 30 million patent documents around the world.
World Patent Search: US, EP and PCT (1976-) US_FLAG.gif (923 octets)
Search the front page data of the three major patent authorities: US, EP and PCT (World Intellectual Property Organization) published from 1976 to the present for free. Fees are charged for the full-text. Providede by MicroPatent. 

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Subject or Speciality Patent/Technology Transfer Databases


Agricultural Biotechnology Patents
Direct access to patents related to biotechnology (a service of the National Agricultural Library of the US Department of Agriculture).
AIDS Patent Database
A freely searchable database of the full text and images of AIDS related patents issued by the US, Japanese and European patent offices.
Chemical Abstracts Patents Plus
Free searching of full text U.S. patent documents since., Titkes & Abstracts are  displayed for free. Full paptent it will cost you $4.00.

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