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Biomaterials Properties Database
From  the University of Michigan
Biocatalysis/Biodegradation Database
Information on microbial biocatalytic reactions and biodegradation pathways for primarily xenobiotic, chemical compounds. University of Minnesota 
Ceramic Reference Guide
The tables and figures in this Reference Guide contain helpful information on the processes and problems encountered in everyday manufacturing situations 
from Ceramic Industry online
Ceramics Material Handbook  
Brief description of Materials used in the ceramic industry categorized in alphabetical order. From Ceramic Industry online
Chemical compatibility database
Provided by Cole-Parmer Instrument Company
Database to help determine which materials are best suited for your applications. For more information see Technical Information - Chemical Resistance or the Cole-Parmer Instrument Company
From American Chemical society
By accessing this online version of Chemcyclopedia, users may obtain detailed information about products and companies. For example, users can search for specific chemicals by name or CAS Registry Number and retrieve an alphabetical listing of the companies that supply such chemicals. need registartion
Chemical Databases Software (commercial)
Chemical Structure and Information databases in several different formats for numerous products.
ChemExper Chemicals Directory (commercial)
ChemExper is a company joining together the areas of chemistry, computer science and telecommunication and offers you three innovative programs:
  • CCD Chemexper Chemical Directory
    The chemical directory on the Internet and the powerful search engine that allows you to find a chemical by its molecular formula, IUPAC name, common name, CAS number, catalog number, substructure or physical characteristics.
    The electronic laboratory notebook and
    The "in-house" bibliographic database
Data Sources
References and links to Materials data handbooks and softwares from Granta Design databases. The Cambridge engineering selector...
Environmental Fate Data Base
This site from Syracuse Research Corporation Environmental Science Website provides the following data bases:
  • DATALOG is a bibliographic file containing 18 types of environmental fate data
  • BIOLOG, or the Microbial Degradation/Toxicity File, provides sources of microbial toxicity and biodegradation data.  
  • CHEMFATE is a data value file containing 25 categories of environmental fate and physical/chemical property information on commercially important chemical compounds.
  • BIODEG contains experimental values relating to biodegradation subjects. 
  • BIODEG SUMMARY provides summary evaluation and reliability codes for different test methods, as well as summaries for biodegradability under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

ERCOFTAC database
European Research community on Flow turbulence and Combustion  
A pay per view searchable  database of IR and Raman spectra of more than 85000 components by Nicolet

Fullerene Patent Database
Internet archive of patents related to buckyballs, nanotubes, and other fullerenes. 
By Dr. M.S. Dresselhaus, MIT.

The Fullerene Structure Library
From Mitsuho Yoshida
Fullerenes structures (C60 -C100) you can play with interactively, Goldberg polyedra, Caron nanotubes, Carbon nanotorus, graphitic sponges
Gaphyor Database, Gaphyor Handbook (LPGP) (In French)
An online data base on properties of  atoms, molecules gaz and plasmas
GAPHYOR (GAz-physique -ORsay) data center , is located at Orsay in the lab of gaz and plasma physics LPGP.
The data base contains more than 500.000 data sheets. Requests can be also made by email
Inorganic Chemical Thermodynamics
Links to thermochemical databases and software packages in pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy, chemical engineering, geology, electrochemistry and process simulation for pure substances and non-ideal solutions of gases, alloys, ceramics, salts, mattes, slags, minerals.  CRCT, École Polytechnique de Montréal From the same site:
list of the pure substances.
H, S, G, V and Cp calculation for a species or chemical reaction.
chemical equilibria calculation of an ideal gas with pure solids and liquids.
chemical equilibria calculation of a dilute aqueous solution with pure solids
Ligand Chemical Database
Database of enzymatic reactions. Institute for Chemical Research - Kyoto University
Provides laboratory test data to assist in the implementation of ODC-free alternative solvents that are compatible with materials used in electronic assemblies
Materials Database
Includes: Aluminum Alloys, Composite Materials, Metallic Elements, Steels, Titanium Alloys, etc. Database Descriptions inlcude: Denstiy, Hardness, Tensile Strength, Elongation, Modulus of Elastiticy, Heat Capacity etc.
Material Safety Data Sheets
A simple, annotated listing of many of the major MSDS compilations on the Internet.
Material properties database - MEMS Clearinghouse
The MEMS Material Properties Database includes mechanical properties, electrical properties, optical properties, and more. For more information see MEMS Clearinghouse
Oxide Glass collection 
By the Ceramics Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Includes: Borate, Germanate, Phosphate & Silicate Base Glasses For more information see Ceramics WebBook or the Ceramics Division, Materials Science & Engineering Laboratory
Plastics Materials Data Center
Is a database providing access to environmental and safety information on solvents used in maintenance facilities and paint strippers. SHDS contains empirical data from laboratory testing.
Find a wide variety of data on solvents and help you appreciate the trade-offs involved in solvent selection. From National Center for Manufacturing Science
Spectra online
Spectra Online is a searchable database containing over 6,000 IR, MS, NMR (proton, carbon and other nuclei), UV/VIS and NIR spectra. The database is a collection of public domain and other data generously contributed from various sources. Pure compounds include chemical formula, CAS number, chemical name, chemical structures and other chemical properties if available. Spectra Online is maintained as a FREE service to the chemical community and contributions from individuals or institutions are gratefully accepted . Spectra can be viewed online, downloaded in *.spc gif  format.
TAPP - Thermochemical and Physical Properties (commercial)
TAPP is a database of thermochemical and physical properties of pure chemical compounds. TAPP contains properties for over 11,000 solid compounds and over 6,000 fluids and includes data for both organic and inorganic compounds.
Technical Ceramics Information Center

Zeolite structure database
The database of the Structure Commission of the International Zeolite Association provides structural information on all zeolite structure types. This includes crystallographic data and drawings for all zeolite topologies, simulated powder patterns for representative materials and relevant references

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