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See also Chemistry Organization and Professional associations
The largest club in the world for the chemical community. Chemweb is a unique source of resources including 200 journals, 40 databases, Forums of different chemical specialties, the webzine "Alchemist" with daily news, reviews, and a Job Career Center. To enjoy all these resources you need no more than 2 minutes for free registration. is based at the Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield, England. Links, references, databases, chemistry departments around the word, database softwares, institutions and more... The best and more exhaustive chemistry portal in the Mark Winter
Chemistry Internet Resources
Guide to Resources on Chemical Compounds Chemical and Physical Properties.
This search engine will search all WWW documents at the LSU Chemistry Library site.  
Resources for chemists and researchers from the American Chemical Society 
Chemical Information Sources from Indiana University.
A chemistry portal with a selection of  web sites from analytical chemistry to chemical engineering.
Maintained by the Departement of Applied Chemistry of the National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Chemical and Physical Property Information
Chemical Physical Properties in the Chemistry Library of Duke University
Interactive Biochemistry by Garrett and Grisham
From the Harcourt College Publishers
Hundreds of Links in Biochemistry. Recognized as  the "Best of Biochemistry"
This is the home page of WebElements, the periodic table (periodic chart) of the elements on the World-Wide Web.  WebElements aims to be a high quality source of information on the WWW about the periodic table for all from students at school to professional scientists.
by Mark Winter [The University of Sheffield, England]. One of the best.
NIST Chemistry WebBook
NIST site provides chemical and physical property data on over 30,000 compounds.
Sonochemistry home page  
Provides links to companies, group research, projects and organizations involved in sonochemistry.
by Carl Faul
General Chemistry Online
A searchable  database of Internet resources about Chemical databases for students and teachers of general chemistry.
Chemical References
Chemical Information Sources from Indiana University. 
by Gary Wiggins
Thermal, Physical, Chemical properties
Engineering Properties: Thermal, Physical, Chemical and Electrical......Mechanics, Manufacturing, Petroleum & Chemical Engineering.
by Begellhouse Inc
Chemistry software inventory
500 software products for chemistry, biochemistry, environmental chemistry, Laboratory Management, LIMS, and more..
Resources for Analytical Chemistry Students
Links, references, databases, and other external resources for introductory chemical analysis.

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