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General Science  
Computers& software 
Chemistry & Chemical Engineering 
Earth Science and Environment 
Physics, Photonics and Semiconductors






General Science Mags

American Scientist
Most life science articles. Free access to the last issue
La Recherche (french Science Mag)
National Science and Technology Week
Annually since 1985, National Science & Technology Week (NSTW) has highlighted the outreach activities of the National Science Foundation (NSF). Including an "Ask an Expert" page for various fields
New Scientist
Popular Mechanics
Popular Science
Pour la Science. (french Science Mag)
Science Spectra
The International Magazine of Contemporary Scientific Thought. 
The quarterly magazine for scientists, by scientists, Science Spectra aims to present and promote cross-disciplinary discussion in science, presenting articles in literate and enticing prose to keep abreast of significant developments in fields outside one's own areas of specialty without the monotony of specialized jargon. 
Science Daily Magazine
Today science news. News are categorized in three section : Health & life science, Physical and earth science, and science & society. You will find also a list of links, forums and more..
Science News
The weekly Nesmagazine of Science. Free access
Scientific American
Access to feature articles, a list of interesting links and a "ask an expert" page
Smithsonian Magazine
The Scientist
The news magazine for life science
The American Heritage of Invention & Technology
Technology Review 
The MIT Mag of Innovation.


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Computers and software

Scientific Computing World
Scientific Computing World is a leading resource for scientists, researchers and  technicians all  over the globe who rely upon computing to help them with their work.

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Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Chemical & Engineering News
Chemistry is a tabloid published for Americal Chemical Society members, student affiliates, and those interested in learning more about the chemical sciences and the American Chemical Society. The mag is accessible online.
Chemical Innovation
From American Chemical Society
ChemScope Daily
From Chemscope Corporation
Chemical news and views from award-winning British science writer David Bradley covering almost every field including polymers and gels

Online articles, resources, industry news buyers'guide conferences and exhibitions


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Ceramic Industry
News, equipments, products, Materials handbook, references, etc

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Earth Science and Environment

Astronomy Now
Environmental Science & Technology
Environmental magazine
National Geographics
Sky & Telescope

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Physics, Photonics and Semiconductors

Bio Mechanics
Published bimonthly, Biophotonics International presents the latest global developments and techniques in the photonics industry to those in the medical and 
biotechnology fields. 
Communications Technology
Clean rooms
Electronic Products News  
New products for design engineers
Published six times each year, EuroPhotonics presents a uniquely European perspective on the photonics industry. Its coverage of the technology and business of optics, lasers, imaging, fiber optics, electro-optics and optoelectronics is based on first-hand, on-the-spot observation of the European photonics community. 
Fiber Exchange
Europe's leading optical communications magazine.
Fiberoptics Product News
Industrial Laser Solutions 
The magazine covers industrial lasers, laser material-processing systems, associated components and accessories. 
Industrial Engineering News
Laser Focus World
Provides in-depth editorial coverage of optoelectronics--lasers, optics, detectors, imaging, fiberoptics, and instrumentation. Each month, Laser Focus World reports on the technology and business of the worldwide optoelectronics industry. 
Lasers & Optronics
The online Applications site of Lasers, Optics, Electro-optics, Imaging and Optical Instrumentation
Opto and Laser Europe  
A IOP Publishing
The monthly publication of SPIE-The International Society for Optical Engineering.
OEmag covers the key technologies, people, significant achievements and events, industry trends, news, education, and more for the international optical engineering, photonics, imaging, and electronics community.
Optical Networks
Covering the technologies, architectures, services, and applications in the field of optical telecommunication & networking systems.
Publishedby SPIE
The Industrial Physicists  
The magazine for applied research and product development
Physics Today 
The mag of the American Institute of Physics
Physics World Magazine 
From PhysicsWeb, News, WebLinks, Physics Jobs, Buyer's Guide and more..
Photonics Online
Provides cutting-edge technical information about optoelectronics, fiber optics, imaging industries, lasers and optics.
Light Reading
The global site for optical networking.
Photonics Spectra
Sensors Magazine
Solid State Technolgy (semiconductors)

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