Colloidal solutions and nanoparticles

Asahi Denka's
Colloidal silica is a newly developed colloidal product. It has the properties of being non-skid, polishing and binding and has a wide range of use. (Japan)
Allied High Tech Products, Inc
Colloidal solutions of silica or alumina for polishing purposes Used for final polishing, colloidal suspensions are mixtures of abrasive particles dispersed throughout a chemically aggressive liquid carrier.
Altair Technologies Inc.  
Altair develops a wide variety TiO2 of products, unique in crystalline phase, size, and morphology. All nano products are available either as powder or as pre-dispersed slurry. The TiNano 40 Series include high purity USP grade anatase base material, and stabilized anatase with controlled photocatalytic activity via surface treatment
Bayer Corp.  
Aqueous Colloidal silica of different grades known as Levasil ®  for precision shell casting, anti-slip applications, polishing silicon wafers, chemical planarization.
Cabosil products consisting of treated and untreated fumed silica  and silica dispersions
Chemiewerk Bad Köstritz GmbH (Germany)
Manufacturer  for "micronized silica" and "colloidal silica" for a variety of applications
Condea (Germany) 
Inorganic speciality chemicals, including zeolites, Aluminates and high purity colloidal alumina known as Dispersal ® or Dispal ®
Crosfield ( ICI group)
Manufacture of precipitated silica, sodium and potassium silicates, sodium metasilicates, silicagel absorbants, micronised silica gels catalysts and a wide range of special chemicals for the use in the detergent and toiletry, oil refining, textile, paper, paint, plastics, foundry and construction industries. Silicates and Zeolites, silica
Degussa-Hüls AG
Aerosil products. A high-temperature hydrolysis process to produce extremely fine particle-sized oxides. AEROSIL is a highly dispersed or pyrogenic silicon dioxide. It is a white, fluffy powder, consisting of spherically-shaped primary particles. Request for litterature on Aerosil available. See also the list of available aqueous or organic aerosil dispersions, Hydrophilic aerosils, Hydrophobic aerosils Special types of aerosil including aluminosilicates and titanium oxide
Ekachemicals an Akzo Nobel company
Eka Chemicals is the largest supplier of colloidal silica in the world, with production in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. Besides its main application in paper manufacturing, Eka´s Bindzil silica is used in industrial applications such as investment casting, refractory materials, polishing and frictionising. With three plants in the United States, two in Europe and one in Asia, the colloidal silica Group of Eka Chemicals is well positioned to provide you with a reliable supply of colloidal silica. They manufacture colloidal silica under different brand names of which the two major brands are Nyacol (from 4 to 100 nm particles and from 15 to 50 wt% silica) and Bindzil (from 6 to 40 nm particles and from 15 to 50 wt% silica).
Fuso Chemical Co., Ltd
Fuso chemical is the largest manufacturer of high purity colloidal silica around the world. The colloidal silica is manufactured with particle growth method through hydrolysis and condensation from alkoxysilane.
“Quartron PL” series ( is a high purity (total impurities less than 500 ppb) colloidal silica prepared from high purity alkoxysilanes. The particle size is from 7 nanometers. The products dispersed in alcohol, glycol, etc are also available.
“Quartron SP” series ( ) is a high purity synthetic spherical silica powder prepared from high purity alkoxysilanes. The particle size is from 0.3 to 1,000 micrometers.
Fuso chemical provide also to its customers methyl silicates ( ) such as tetramethyl orthosilicate (monomer) and methyl silicate 51 (tetramer) as well.
Grace Davison
Supplier of catalysts and precipitated silica, SYLOJET® Silica Gels.  Adsorbent pigments for improved ink receptive coatings.  Product search by name or category

Supplier of processed minerals for a variety of industrial applications including:
Paint & coatings, wire & cable, thermoplastics, cast polymer, coated & uncoated paper. Supplier of synthetic precipitated silicas of the trade name Zeothix

Huntsman Tioxide  
Global producer of titanium dioxide ( TiO2 ) pigments.

Junye (China) 
Manufacturer of metal, carbon and compound nanoparticles 

Kempro Sil
Kempro Sil colloidal silicas products may vary in  silica concentration (from 5 up to 40%), in particle size (from 3 up to 100 nanometers)

KOMA spol. s r.o (Czech Republic)
Commercialize dried and liquid Silicates and Colloidal,silica  Manufactured by SILCHEM, Ltd.
Titanium dioxide pigments for inks, paints, optical glass ceramics cosmetics plastics and other applications.
Malakoff Industries, Inc.  
Alumina powder manufacturer. Samples provided free to qualified researchers and students. Discover how alumina can be used in everything from artificial joints to toothpastes, detergents and light bulbs. Online educational stuff showing how bauxite is transformed to Al and Alumina
Microparticles GmbH Manufactturer of monodisperse Nano- and Microparticles
Madhu Silica PVT. Ltd
Speciality inorganic chemicals especially silica and silica based chemicals. They manufacturing 15 different grades of precipitated silica.
Nalco Chemical Company 
Nalco colloidal silicas are stable dispersions of nanometer size silica particles in water or other liquid medium. Colloidal silica particle sizes range from four to 100 nanometers in diameter. These sub-micron-sized spheres provide very large surface areas, up to 750 square meters per gram of silica solids, which can dramatically impact the binding and reinforcing properties of many organic or inorganic systems.
Nippon Chemical Industrial
Manufacturer of a variety of inorganic products including colloidal silica, silicates and phosphorus compounds. Trade marks: SILSTAR, a high amorphous and fused silicates used for the encapsulation of semiconductor devices. SILICADOL, Colloidal suspensions of ultra-fine silica particles. SILFAM, Silica porous powders in the nanometer and mesoporous range.
Nissan Chemical American Corporation
They provide the well known colloidal silica under the brand name Snowtex. Snowtex is a family of colloidal silica consisting of SiO2 nano-particles dispersed in water. They also commercialize colloidal silica dispersions in organic solvents best adapted for processing plastics, paints, inks and adhesives. Other colloids available in the catalogue are Sb2O3 and Al2O3.
Nyacol Nanotechnologies, Inc.Manufacturer of Colloidal silica (trade names : NYACOL® DP5820NYACOL® DP5480, NYACOL® DP5540), and nanoparticles of Sb2O5 (General Product Information), Al2O3 (NYACOL® AL20, NYACOL® AL20SD), CeO2 (NYACOL® Colloidal Ceria), SnO (NYACOL® Colloidal Tin Oxide), Y2O3( NYACOL® Colloidal Yttria), ZrO2 (NYACOL® Colloidal Zirconia ), ZnO ( NYACOL® Colloidal Zinc Oxide )
PPG Chemicals
PPG silica products
Qingdao Haiyang Chemicals, Ltd (China)
Manufacturer of silica gel, fine silica, silica sols and silicates
Sachtleben (Germany) 
Manufacturer of speciality chemicals, white pigments and extenders including, TiO2 in rutile and anatase crystalline form coated and uncoated, nanoparticles, photocatalysts, Barium hydroxide and sulfates, Zinc Sulfide ( ZnS ) floculants and flocculants aids. Data sheet on all products and applications are online and can be downloaded as pdf files
Silica products
Dupont Chemical Company
Specialized on Plasma Arc  plasma torch Technology and systems. Manufacturer of high purity aluminium (Al) nanoparticlesThornley Company Wilmington DE (USA)
Colloidal silica suspension for textile and paper anti-slip applications. It provides a high coefficient of friction such that slide angles of 30 degrees are achievable and controllable.
Vinings Industries, Inc (USA)
Is a basic manufacturer of silica-based specialties, specifically colloidal silica and sodium silicate. Vinings, one of North America's largest producers of colloidal silica, has developed a series of high purity microelectronics grade formulations for Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) allowing the chip maker to achieve the most stringent design rules.

Functionalized monodispersed colloidal particles of polymers and silica. 

Suppliers taken from the excellent review paper : 

"Monodispersed colloidal spheres : Old Materials with New Applications"
by Y. Xia, B. Gates, Y. Yin and Y. Lu, Adv. Mater, Vol 12, N°10,  693, 2000


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