Different kinds of colloidal silicates solutions exist in the market. Single oxides and binary alkali silicates of Li, Na and K in both solid and dispersed state.
Alkali silicates are a family of chemicals with a wide range of physical and chemical properties. They are  prepared by fusing sodium or potassium carbonate with sand or by heating sodium or potassium hydroxide with sand under pressure. The various characteristics of  Alkali silicates permit their use in a variety of applications such as : welding rods, soaps, detergents, hard-surface cleaners, coating materials, and electronics. 
These chemicals have been used extensively on the synthesis of low cost silica gels but they need a washing procedure to remove alkalis. They can be used as precursors for multicomponent gels.


Japan Industrial Standard Grade of sodium silicate, sodium metasilicate and sodium orthosilicate.
Ausimont (Italy)
Anhydrous and liquid Sodium Silicates
Chemical Ressources Inc
Alkali silicates, chemical distributor in the area of Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and Ohio
Condea (Germany) 
Inorganic speciality chemicals, including zeolites, Aluminates and high purity colloidal alumina known as Dispersal ® or Dispal ®
Crosfield (U.K., now INEOS Silicas)
Manufacturer of sodium and potassium silicates, sodium metasilicates, silicagel absorbants, micronised silica gels, precipitated silica, catalysts and a wide range of special chemicals for the use in the detergent and toiletry, oil refining, textile, paper, paint, plastics, foundry and construction industries. Silicates and Zeolites, Silica
Fizz-Chemicals (India)
Lithium/Potassium/Sodium Blend colloidal Silicate
Manufacturing/ Selling of sodium and potassium silicates in both powder and liquid form
KOMA spol. s r.o (Czech Republic)
Commercialize dried and liquid Silicates and Colloidal,silica  Manufactured by SILCHEM, Ltd.
Nippon Chemical Industrial
Manufacturer of a variety of inorganic products including colloidal silica, silicates and phosphorus compounds. Trade marks: SILSTAR, a high amorphous and fused silicates used for the encapsulation of semiconductor devices. SILICADOL, Colloidal suspensions of ultra-fine silica particles. SILFAM, Silica porous powders in the nanometer and mesoporous range.
OxyChem Occidental Chemical Corporation (TX,USA)
Check the Sodium Silicates for product specification product handbook and safety data.
PQ Corporation
PQ Corporation has produced soluble silicates since 1861, operating until 1978 under the name Philadelphia Quartz Company. They manufacture a variety of Sodium and Potassium silicates, hollow microspheres, detergent and catalyst, zeolites, molecular sieves, solid glass spheres and precipitated silica. PQ's silicates in Canada are sold by National Silicates limited
Pred Materials International  
Distributes high quality high value added specialty chemicals for advanced energy storage devices, fine Ceramics and Refractories
the company last introduce a serie of polyoxometalates including Phospho Tungstic, Silico Tungstic, Phospho Molybdic and Phospho vanado Molybdic acids and Sodium Phospho molybdate salts

Southern Clay Products
Develops manufactures and sells functional additives based on synthetic and natural clays

Rodhia (USA)
Silicates products

Provides a wide range of fine and specialty chemicals & materials including targets for sputtering, Partially stabilized zirconia powders, Manganese materials and Zeolites. Division/Product page


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