Silanes, Silicones and Alkoxides


Silbond Corporation
Silbond  Corporation is the world's major manufacturer and supplier of ethyl silicate. They formulate and manufacture a variety of products based on, or related to ethyl silicate. These are sold under the Silbond® trademark into the paint, chemical, foundry and electronics industries worldwide.
Has built a reputation as a leading supplier of silanes, silicones, germanes, metal alkoxides and speciality inorganics supplying both to the research and industrial markets.
Sol-Gel chemical specialties and services
H.W. Sands Corp.
The company sell SiO2 and BaSrTO3 precursors ready for use by spin or dip-coating. Film thickness is around 2000 A and can be used among others to overcoat and encapsulated OLED's.
Dalian Yuanyong Organosilicon
Manufacturer of value-added phenylsilianes to produce mainly chlorophenylsilianes, phenyltrichlorosilane, diphenyldichlorosilane, chlorotriphenylsilane, diphenyldimethoxysilane and silicon resins and fluids.
Degussa AG and Degussa Corporation (update Decmber 12,2001)
Producer of organofunctional and specialty silanes used in sol-gel systems, advanced composites, sealants and many other applications.
Fluorochem USA (UK site)
Speciality silanes for research and industry. More than 800 items in gr or Kg quantities
Fuso Chemical Co., Ltd “Quartron PL” series ( is a high purity (total impurities less than 500 ppb) colloidal silica prepared from high purity alkoxysilanes. The particle size is from 7 nanometers. The products dispersed in alcohol, glycol, etc are also available.
“Quartron SP” series ( ) is a high purity synthetic spherical silica powder prepared from high purity alkoxysilanes. The particle size is from 0.3 to 1,000 micrometers.
Fuso chemical provide also to its customers methyl silicates ( ) such as tetramethyl orthosilicate (monomer) and methyl silicate 51 (tetramer) as well.
Gelest Inc.
Gelest is a leading supplier of Silanes, Silicones, Germanium, Tin, and Lead compounds, in addition to metal alkoxides, diketonates, and carboxylates.
Dupont Performances chemicals  
Tyzor® Organic Titanates and Zirconates. 
DuPont was the industry pioneer--and is today's leader--in manufacturing organic titanates and zirconates and supplying a broad range of products for a variety of industrial applications. Product grades ranging from highly reactive tetraalkyl titanates to stable chelates are available in the Tyzor® line. This wide selection enables you to choose the titanate with the precise reactivity to match your specific application or reaction conditions. General Brochure, Product Information
Hybrid Plastics
Precursors for MOCVD and Sol-Gel from Aluminium to Zirconium organometallics
Power Chemical Corporation (Silanes & Silicones)
Power Chemical Corporation (Silicone & Silane) is a leading producer of Silicone Materials in China, which main product include silane coupling agents, silane crosslinkers, silane blocking agents, silicone rubbers and silicone oils etc.  
PROTAVIC offers the following range of products for sol-gel techniques: 
PSG: Organometallic precursors, HSG: Hybrid precursors for hybrid materials, OSG: Metallic oxides, as oligomers solution or colloidal suspension, SGF: Ready to use formulations, for functional coating in industry
Rhodia silicones (Site U.S.A.)
Reliance Silicones Ltd (India)
Reliance Silicones, the largest independent silicones company, incorporated in 1979 is located at Navi Mumbai, India. We manufacture a vast array of silanes and silicones: from polymers, emulsions and antifoams to elastomers and coatings.
Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd
Manufacturer of Silicones products for the food industry, textile industry, mechanical industry, and chemical industry.
Silicones dot Net you will discover educational material on silicone chemistry, silane and siloxane message boards, and MSDS sheets.
Silchem Marketing Inc, (USA)
High molecular dimethyl polysiloxane
TAL Materials (USA) 
TAL Materials, Inc. uses a patented flame spray pyrolysis (FSP) process for the direct production of un-agglomerated, often single crystal, mono- and mixed-metal oxide nanopowders. The commercial ultrafine powder production FSP method has been modified to allow for powder production from a variety of solution based precursors.
Technical know-how of TAL Materials includes: The FSP mono- and mixed-metal oxide nanopowder production process, Inexpensive high-purity silicon and derivatives (polymers, additives) production process, Aluminosilicate polymer precursor processes, Cubic organic-inorganic hybrid methods (cubic silisesquioxanes or POSS), Nanocomposite precursor materials.
Materials for Photonic, Electronics, Fuel Cells, Catalysis, single and mixed metal precursors are already available for purchasing.
United Chemical Technologies (UCT)
United Chemical Technologies, Inc. (UCT) develops, manufactures and markets organosilicon compounds used in the clinical testing, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, research and manufacturing industries. 
UCT is the manufacturer of Petrarch® Silanes and silicones. Available also at their site a  list of related publications
Petrarch specialty Silanes and silicones are widely used in a variety of applications, such as pharmaceutical synthesis, elastomers, lubricants or reagents for making surface modified silicas. Over 1,400 silane and silicone compounds are marketed under the Petrarch® trademark, including a line of polysiloxane platinum, zinc, tin and peroxide catalysts
Silicon carbide ceramics, boron compounds, silicon wafers, polyvinyl alcohols, catalysts, silicones, Silanes, and silicas
Yingkou Junye Chemical Products Co., Ltd.  
Chinese manufacturer of organo-silanes, glyoxal, ethyl cyanoacetate, and other specialty chemicals.
Zentek S.r.l (Italy)
Fluorochemicals, Fluoropolymers, Silanes

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