Other Chemical companies

Akzo Nobel
Akzo Nobel operates in the fields of Pharmaceuticals, Coatings, and Chemicals
Geographocal Akzo Nobel web sites includes: Akzo Nobel Finland, Akzo Nobel GermanyAkzo Nobel Norway, Akzo Nobel Sweden and Akzo Nobel USA
Akzo Nobel USA
Pulp and paper chemicals (EKA Chemicals), surfactants (Surfactants America, polymer chemicals, functional chemicals (chelates and organophosphorus based derivatives) and catalysts

Cerac Inc.
Specialty Inorganic Chemicals, Evaporation materials and Sputtering targets

Cognis (The henkel chemical products)
Organic specialities including: Agrochemicals, coatings and inks, mining technology, plastics technology

Dow Chemical Company
Dupont Chemical Company
Henkel surface technology products
Industrial cleaners, Lubricants, special coatings, adhesives, sealing and coating materials
Strem Chemicals
Manufacturer and distributor of high purity chemical specialty including metals, inorganics, organometallics. You can ask for a catalogue or bye online. A wide variety of fine chemicals, are available in quantities ranging from research to production scale. You can even ask for a customized product.

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