Monophase Chemical Sol-Gel (MCSG) Nanofabrication Technology Platform




Monophase Chemical Sol-Gel (MCSG)is the next generation of the sol-gel technology, which is a versatile process for producing ceramic and glass materials. By applying the sol-gel process, ceramic or glass materials can be fabricated in a wide variety of forms: ultra-fine or spherical shaped powders, thin film coatings, ceramic fibers, microporous inorganic membranes, monolithic ceramics and glasses, or extremely porous aerogel materials. Even though there is versatility in the types of applications, limitations still exist in material performance and processing capabilities.

Simax’s patent-pending MCSG technology removes these limitations by naturally drying the gel without adding colloidal powder. Drying the gel naturally expands the sol-gel technology by taking material processing for ceramic and glass to its fullest potential. MCSG technology is the solution process for production of high performance material.

Monophase Chemical Sol-Gel, a strategic technology, takes away the limitations of existing material processing technologies. This new platform for material processing establishes a strong technical barrier,infiltrating diverse material markets without patent infringements. Eight pending patents


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