September 2000

CEA Sol-Gel Laboratory

Director  Philippe Belleville


CEA Le Ripault
B.P. 16
37260 Monts - France
Phone: 33 2 47 34 49 82
Fax: 33 2 47 34 51 56
Email :

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Our Sol-Gel research activities started around 1985. The main objective of the research group at that moment was to provide reliable AR coating solutions satisfying the high power Laser project needs. The group build during the years a strong expertise in Sol-Gel Chemistry and  processing with a worldwide recognition.
The Sol-Gel technologies developed at CEA found applications in variety of industrial sectors. Since September 2000 the group has its own building constituted of 1300 Sq m. lab facilities

Lab mission

Conceive and develop Sol-Gel synthesis routes for new inorganic materials.
Develop functional coatings on glass, plastics or metals with tailored optical (High power lasers), mechanical or electrical properties.


Sol-Gel chemistry
Elaboration of stabilized colloidal particles in solution.
Ceramic compositions
Hybrids (Inorganic-Organic materials)

Sol-Gel Deposition techniques for large area coating including: Dipping, Spinning and laminar flow.
Physicochemical characterization of sol-gel solution and derived films


1300 sq m laboratory surface
Sol-Gel chemistry lab
Characterization lab

400 sq m Clean rooms area
One clean room devoted to large area (1m²) coatings by dipping.
One clean room devoted to large area (diam. 400 mm) coatings by spinning.
One clean room devoted to large area (width 400 mm) coating by laminar flow.

Technology available for various Industrial Applications

Antireflective, reflective, Scratch resistant, hydrophobic, corrosion protection, encapsulation (barrier coatings), anti static, ferroelectric etc 

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