November 2000

Institut für Neue Materialien (INM)

"During the past five years, INM has made great efforts to develop the new materials which industry will need for the key technologies of the future. Because these materials constitute the indispensable bases for new high-tech technologies, increasing world-wide demand is expected. The INM's answer to this challenge was a rapid development of chemistry-based material synthesis and processing techniques including the sol-gel process and novel nanotechnologies". 
Director  Professor Dr. Helmut Schmidt


Institut für Neue Materialien (INM)
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Im Stadtwald, Geb.43
D-66123 Saarbrücken
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INM, a unique institution in the world of German and even European materials research, was founded in 1987 with a complex long-term R&D objective, namely to further the utilization of new high-tech materials on a large scale. This research center, is structured as a non-profit limited liability company with institutional sponsorship. INM employs more than 250 people working in various professional disciplines and has 10,000 m² of lab area and another 1,700 m² of pilot plant facilities. INM prepare technology transfer to industry through its Aplication development center  (NMO) (2,500m²).
To achieve the greatest possible variety of high-tech materials, the INM has, since1990, been following the scientific approach of integrating inorganic synthesis chemistry with chemical nanotechnology. This combination has been the key to a whole new world of materials.
In addition to the three classic material groups - metals, non-metallic inorganic materials (e.g. glass, ceramics, etc.) and organic polymers - as well as the composite materials manufactured via physical processes, chemical composite materials on the rnolecular and nano-scale level are now possible. With these materials, it is possible to create combinations of the traditional material classes which were previously impossible. At the same time, entirely new and exciting prospects have been generated for the traditional materials as well.

Lab organization

INM has 4 main research departments

Ceramics and New binders
Physics and chemistry of glass
Coating technology
Materials synthesis and life Science


INM has build an impressive knowledge on sol-gel chemistry and high-tech materials made through soft chemistry with emphasis to practical applications, and developed the associated  manufacturing techniques. (i.e the sray coating pilot unit can work at 2 m/min depositing square meters area). 
Expertise and know how covers the following areas:

Sol-Gel process
Inorganic Synthesis Chemistry
Chemical Nanotechnologies
Sol-Gel coating technologies.
Ceramic technologies
Hybrids (Inorganic-Organic materials)
Technology transfer

Technology available for various Industrial Applications

INM has developed in the past 10 years a multitude of products and associated technologies for a variety of industrial applications. A detailed list of their products/ technologies is available online at  Click here for a visit


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