Optical coatings and technologies


Antiglare-antistatic ITO coating on glass and plastic
Antireflective Coatings by polymerizable ceramic Nanoparticles
Optical Filters obtained by Multilayer Sol-Gel Deposition
Angle-Dependent Dip-Coating (ADDC) - A New Method for the Fabrication of Optical Interference Filters
Large area stained glass by metal colloid containing coatings by spraying
High Index TiO2 Coatings on plastic substrates
Transparent Sol-Gel SiO2/CeO2 UV-blocking coatings
Interference filter produced by one stack densification process of photopolymerisable Nanomer
Stained glass by metal colloid containing coatings
Colloid Colored Halide Lamp-Coatings
Stained glass by metal colloid coatings on sheet glass and optical glass
Organic-Inorganic Nanocomposite as Holographic Storage Medium
Heavy metal free decoration of glass metal, and ceramics

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