Natural fibre composites with inorganic binder
Temperature stable non-toxic binders for mineral fibers
Restauration of old fragile documents and books
Indoor and outdoor paints on nanobinder basis
Production of Hydroxylapatite layers
Micropatterns in Nanomer or glasslike sol-gel films
Fabrication of SiO2-based single lenses and arrays of microlenses by ink-jet-printing and pad printing
Microparts and microstructured parts by ceramic injection moulding
MoSx-, a-Mo2C, and Mo5N6 Thin Films Prepared by Wet-Coating Techniques
Insulating Lightweight Materials from Perlites with Inorganic Binders
Photocatalytic coatings on metals
Hybrid Materials for Powder Coating Technology
Ceramic Injection Moulding
Universal Power Supply for Smart Windows
Ceramic UF Membranes  Mouldable

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