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The Materials Science of Thin Films -- by Milton Ohring; Hardcover
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Book Description
This is the first book that can be considered a textbook on thin film science, complete with exercises at the end of each chapter. Ohring has contributed many highly regarded reference books to the AP list, including Reliability and Failure of Electronic Materials and the Engineering Science of Thin Films. The knowledge base is intended for science and engineering students in advanced undergraduate or first-year graduate level courses on thin films and scientists and engineers who are entering...


Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction (5th Edition)
by William D. Callister Jr. (Hardcover - July 1999)
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Book Description
An outstanding book that provides complete coverage and reflects the latest developments in the field of materials science. The fifth edition maintains its extensive coverage of mechanical properties and failure and offers a new discussion of how the stress state within the body is a function of the orientation of the plane upon which the stresses are taken to act.

Plastics for Engineers : Materials, Properties, Applications
by Hans Domininghaus (Hardcover - January 2000)
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Plastics: Materials and Processing (2nd Edition)
by A. Brent Strong (Hardcover)
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Book Description
"Although most introductory texts on plastics focus on either materials or on processing, this book discusses the full range of materials, processes, and performance of plastics. This well-structured approach examines materials and the effects of processing from the molecular, micro, and macro levels."
"The text's high level of detail and comprehensive coverage of the material make it valuable as both a textbook and a resource tool. This presentation is accomplished without...

Permanent Magnet & Electromechanical Devices: Materials, Analysis, and Applications
by Edward P. Furlani (Hardcover)
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Book Description
This book is a comprehensive and self-contained exposition of the theory and methods used in the analysis and design of permanent magnet and electromechanical devices. It contains extensive discussions of several key topics of applied magnetics including the theory of ferromagnetism, a survey of magnetic materials, electromagnetic field theory, magnetostatic analysis, magnetic circuit theory, the design of rare-earth permanent magnet structures, the theory of electromechanical energy conversion,...

LIA Handbook of Laser Materials Processing
by J. F. Ready (Editor), D. F. Farson (Editor) (Hardcover - May 2001)
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Book Description
Published by the Laser Institute of America, the handbook provides extensive data, including comparisons of technologies and their costs, set-up information, properties of components, guidelines on selecting lasers, achieving necessary wavelengths, and information on various methodologies. The reference guide treats a broad range of specific materials, both metals and non-metals. It also covers common and specialized processes, such as cutting, welding, marking, beam monitoring, guidance techniques, rapid prototyping, micro applications, repair, and much more

High Performance Materials in Aerospace
by Harvey M. Flower (Editor) (Hardcover)
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Book Description
Begins by discussing design requirements for structural materials in aerospace before moving on to examine the different materials in detail.

Properties of Concrete
by Adam M. Neville (Paperback - July 1996)

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Book Description
Since its publication in 1963, Properties of Concrete has been internationally acclaimed as the definitive work of reference on the subject. The fourth edition has been completely rewritten and updated to reflect advances in concrete technology over the past decade, yet it still retains the original aim of the book: to provide reliable, comprehensive and practical information on the properties and use of concrete and the selection of mix proportions, all based on scientific observations and the...

  The Coming of Materials Science
by Robert W. Cahn, R.W. CAHN (Hardcover)
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Book Description
Hardbound. The Coming of Materials Science both covers the discipline of materials science, and draws an impressionistic map of the present state of the subject.

The author, Professor Robert Cahn FRS, has striven to be critical about the history of the discipline 


Mechanics of Materials with Tutorial CD
by Ferdinand Pierre Beer, et al (Hardcover)
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Book Description
For the past forty years Beer and Johnston have been the uncontested leaders in the teaching of undergraduate engineering mechanics. Their careful presentation of content, unmatched levels of accuracy, and attention to detail have made their texts the standard for excellence. The revision of their classic Mechanics of Materials text features a new and updated design and art program; almost every homework problem is new or revised; and extensive content revisions and text reorganizations have been made. The multimedia supplement package includes an extensive strength of materials Interactive Tutorial (created by George Staab and Brooks Breeden of The Ohio State University) to provide students with additional help on key concepts, and a custom book website offers online resources for both instructors and students.

Viscoelastic Properties of Polymers
by John D. Ferry (Hardcover - September 1980)
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Book Description
Presents the phenomenological theory of viscoelasticity. Permits the interrelation of the results of different types of experiments and gives many useful approximation procedures for calculations. Provides the basic material for a thorough course in polymer viscoelasticity while omitting the more complicated mathematical treatments. Principles are always illustrated by real data (not ``schematic diagrams'') and real numbers (not ``arbitrary units'') so the reader can develop familiarity with the actual magnitudes of the properties described.

Computational Materials Science: The Simulation of Materials Microstructures and Properties
by Dierk Raabe (Hardcover)
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Book Description
Computation materials science utilizes computers to simulate material structures and predict their feasibility and properties. Recent and rapid advances in computer technology combined with the reduction in the cost of computers, have made this one of the fastest growing areas in materials science. Using computational material science, a researcher creates a computer model of a desired substance. Then by changing the parameters of the program, the scientist can determine if the material is stable under a variety of different conditions. Computer modeling can also help scientists determine the various properties of a material, such as the magnetic properties of an advanced ceramic. Using the computer allows results to be determined without wasting time and money on actual physical fabrication and testing of the material in question.

Shape Memory Materials
by K. Otsuka (Editor), C. M. Wayman (Editor) (Paperback - November 1999)
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Book Description
The shape memory effect is a unique property of certain alloys. Even though the alloy is deformed in the low temperature phase, it recovers its original shape on being heated to a critical higher temperature. This book presents a systematic and up-to-date account of all aspects of shape memory materials, from fundamentals to applications. The book contains chapters on shape memory ceramics and polymers as well as shape memory alloys, making the book a comprehensive account of the field.

Thermodynamics of Materials : A Classical and Statistical Synthesis
by John B. Hudson (Paperback - January 1996)
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Book Description
Thermodynamics of Materials A Classical and Statistical Synthesis
Designed as a reference resource for practicing professionals as well as a text for advanced students, Thermodynamics of Materials offers a lucid presentation that ties together classical and statistical treatments of thermodynamics within the framework of materials science. Unlike most books in the field, it emphasizes the natural connection between these two approaches, both as a way of obtaining useful information about real...


Wound Closure Biomaterials and Devices
by Chih-Chang, Ph.D. Chu (Editor), et al (Hardcover - January 1997)
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Book Description
Virtually every wound, whether surgical or traumatic, needs to be closed to promote wound healing and prevent infection. Increasingly sophisticated and effective materials for the crucial surgical treatment of wound closure are being developed continuously. Keep up with the most recent research progress and future trends in this complex and rapidly changing field with Wound Closure Biomaterial and Devices. This state-of-the-art book provides detailed information and critical discussions on:
Sutures and other wound closure devices, including absorbable sutures and their biodegradation properties

  • The chemistry, physics, mechanics, biology, and biomaterials science of suture materials
  • Tissue adhesive, ligating clips, and staplers
  • The biomechanics and pathology of wound healing
  • Future trends and new emerging materials in the treatment of wound closure
Handbook of Ceramic Hard Materials (2-Volume Set)
by Ralf Riedel (Editor) (Hardcover)
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Book Description
Ceramic hard materials are ceramics or ceramic coatings that exhibit a special mechanical property: high hardness, in the range of the diamond (the hardest material). They are used to protect machine parts against wear or corrosion or are used for tools in the machining of metals.

Transmission Electron Microscopy : A Textbook for Materials Science (4 volumes)
by David B. Williams, C. Barry Carter (Paperback - September 1996)
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Book Description
This groundbreaking text provides the necessary instructions for hands-on application of this versatile materials characterization technique and is supported by over 600 illustrations and diagrams.

Fatigue of Materials
by S. Suresh (Paperback - December 1998)
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Book Description
Written by a leading researcher in the field, this revised and updated second edition of a highly successful book provides an authoritative, comprehensive and unified treatment of the mechanics and micromechanisms of fatigue in metals, non-metals and composites. This will be an important reference for anyone studying fracture and fatigue in materials science and engineering, mechanical, civil, nuclear and aerospace engineering, and biomechanics.

Engineered Materials Handbook
(Hardcover - August 2001)
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Industrial Design: Materials and Manufacturing
by Jim Lesko (Paperback - October 1998)
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Book Description
Industrial designers are responsible for the appearance and form of products-a job that involves creativity as well as a detailed knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes. While existing references on industrial design focus heavily on the engineering aspect, this book offers a design-oriented approach to the technical aspects of product design. 
Industrial Design: Materials and Manufacturing Guide will save readers valuable time in selecting materials and manufacturing choices.


  Carbon Nanotubes and Related Structures
by Peter J. F. Harris (Paperback)
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Book Description
Carbon nanotubes are tiny tubes of carbon with remarkable properties. They are the strongest materials known, and may be used in a new generation of lightweight, high strength materials. They have interesting electronic properties, and could be used to make electronic devices smaller and faster than those available today. And, they can be opened and used as "nano-test-tubes". They are of interest to chemists, physicists and materials scientists. 

Sintered Metallic and Ceramic Materials: Preparation, Properties and Applications
by G. S. Upadhyaya (Hardcover)
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Book Description
Provides comprehensive coverage of the state-of the-art of the processing of sintered materials, both metallic and ceramic. Emphasizes the relationship between the composition of the material, the powder processing techniques used and the properties of the materials and the applications of end products. 

Materials Handbook
by George S. Brady, et al (Hardcover)
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Book Description
Properties and uses of 15,000 materials--at your fingertips Only one resource lets you instantly check the properties and uses of more than 15,000 industrial materials and substances--including plastics, metals and alloys, rubbers, chemicals, woods, plants and plant extracts, textiles, finishes, foodstuffs, animal products and more. It's Materials Handbook, Fourteenth Edition, by George S. Brady, Henry R. Clauser and John Vaccari. This completely revised industry classic includes thousands of new technologies and products as well as extensive updates on existing materials to keep you current. You get concise descriptions of a material's origin, composition and applications--plus fingertip access to such essential details as: Density; Ductility; Hardness; Solubility; Specific heat; Toxicity; Melting point; Cost versus performance; Conductivity; Resistance to heat and corrosives; Principal alloys and component percentages; Magnetism; Tensile strength and elongation; And much more.

Fundamentals of Semiconductors: Physics and Materials Properties (Advanced Texts in Physics)
by Peter Y. Yu, Manuel Cardona (Hardcover - July 2001)

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Book Description
Fundamentals of Semiconductors attempts to fill the gap between a general solid-state physics textbook and research articles by providing detailed explanations of the electronic, vibrational, transport, and optical properties of semiconductors. The approach is physical and intuitive rather than formal and pedantic. Theories are presented to explain experimental results. This textbook has been written with both students and researchers in mind. 

Introduction to Materials Science for Engineers (5th Edition)
by James F. Shackelford (Hardcover)
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Book Description
Designed for a first course in engineering materials. Covers materials science and engineering.

Modern Magnetic Materials: Principles and Applications
by Robert C. O'Handley (Hardcover)
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Book Description
This book is an essential reference for physicists, electrical engineers, materials scientists, chemists, and metallurgists, and others who work on magnetic materials and magnet design. Focusing on materials rather than the physics of magnetism, it provides a modern, practical treatment of materials that can hold a magnetic field. Cutting-edge topics include nanocrystalline materials, amorphous magnetism, charge and spin transport, surface and thin film magnetism, and magnetic recording

Mechanics of Materials (4th Edition)
by Russell C. Hibbeler (Hardcover)

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Book Description
Provides the student with a clear and thorough presentation of both the theory and application of the fundamental principles of mechanics of materials. Places an emphasis on the importance of satisfying equilibrium, compatibility of deformation, and material behavior requirements.




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