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Where are the Business and Investment Opportunities in Nanotechnology?

 In the Nanotechnology Opportunity Report™


The Nanotechnology Opportunity Report™ is the first worldwide overview of this burgeoning field from a business perspective.  Profiling over 700 companies, venture capital investors and research institutes from around the world, the report provides key information for investors and executives to enable them to understand and take advantage of the myriad opportunities provided by this tiny revolution.   

A must-have for anyone interested in the business and investment opportunities in nanotechnology, the Nanotechnology Opportunity Report™ contains:


·          a guide to understanding nanotechnology

·          analysis of the markets impacted by nanotechnology

·          public and privately held companies in nanotechnology

·          government and academic research institutions

·          key funding entities investing in nanotechnology


The Nanotechnology Opportunity Report™ is developed by CMP Cientifica, the top nanotechnology consultancy in Europe, in conjunction with a global team of researchers and a distinguished board of experts from the nanotechnology community.  

Available now  at Solgel.com for $1995 plus shipping and handling.

Volume One of the report identifies six key areas of short-term investment opportunity, highlights the major trends occurring on a global basis, and clearly and concisely explains all the technologies, their applications, the dynamics of the markets they will impact and the nature of the opportunities for investors.

Volume Two profiles 455 companies working on nanotechnology, 271 leading academic institutions in 29 countries and 95 firms already investing in nanotechnology.

What’s inside the Nanotechnology Opportunity Report


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