Sol Gel Processing of Ceramics and Glasses --Technologies, New Developments, Industry Structure, and Markets
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Sol-Gel Processing of Ceramics and Glasses
This unique BCC study provides an analysis of the changing markets and technologies that make sol-gel processing a dynamic area of continued market growth. Applications covered include high-performance, protective and decorative coatings, optical fibers and waveguides, filters and membranes, and catalysts.
Published March 1999
Nanostructured Materials
The involvement in this industry of a growing number of companies at various stages of commercial development, combined with the myriad existing and potential industrial applications for nanostructured materials, elicits a need to review and quantify the extent of commercialization of these materials. In this report, which is the first comprehensive review and analysis of this developing industry, real opportunities for nanostructured materials are identified and the industry itself is defined.
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Nanocomposites 1999
Nanocomposites are an emerging class of mineral-filled plastics that contain relatively small amounts (<10%) of nanometer-sized clay particles. These minerals significantly enhance the mechanical and thermal properties of the base resin, as well as improve barrier performance and flame retardancy. All of these performance benefits are available without increasing the density or reducing light transmission properties of the base polymer. The current world market for nanocomposites is relatively small, although recent developmental breakthroughs and pending commercial programs are expected to fuel growth for this emerging class of modified polymers. This report provides a current and future perspective on the market for nanocomposites.
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Chemically Derived Ceramics and Glasses-Sol-Gel Processing
This BCC report has been prepared in an effort to update the status and markets for sol-gel technology discussed in the previous report published in 1988. Since that report, major changes have occurred in the industries that use such sol-gel-derived applications. 
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