August 2000

Lumenon Innovative Lightwave Technology Inc.

Lumenon, patented PHASIC technology combines the best features of organic polymers and the best features of glass to produce a sophisticated hybrid material for integrated optics.


Created : 1998
Founders Dr  S. Iraj Najafi (Ecoloe Polythechnique, Montreal, Canada)
Dr  M. Andrews (McGill University, Montreal, Canada)
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Director and CEO Dr S. Iraj Najafi
Head office
8851 Trans-Canada Highway
Ville St-Laurent, Québec, Canada, H4S 1Z6
Tel: (514) 331-3738
Fax: (514) 331-1272
Engineering facility
9060 Ryan Avenue
Dorval, Québec, Canada, H9P 2M8
Tel: (514) 631-0033
Fax: (514) 631-0053
People 25 to be expanded soon to 150
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Industry segment Photonic components for Optical network communications

Lumenon designs, develop and manufacture integrated optical waveguide circuits using a proprietary Sol-Gel technology called PHASIC (Photonic Hybrid Active Silica Integrated Circuits). The company was created to exploit the technological breakthrough made by the two co-founders at Ecole Polythechnique and Mc Gill University. Initial investments to the company came from Canadian private investors Manitex Capital and Pintree Capital. In 1999 an agreement with Molex - a Canadian manufacturer of electronic and fiber optic connectors and switches- boost the company with fresh money and facilitate its further expansion. The company targets initially the 1.3   and 1.5 µm WDM applications with the aim to provide a low cost solution to this multi billion $ market.   
Lumenon is a publicly traded company (Nasdaq). See Stock Quotes




2000 Annual report
1999 Annual report
Low temperature sol-gel process developed  
News appeared in 1997 (
SPIE, OE reports)
"Iraj Najafi (Ecole Polytechnique; Montreal, Canada) and Mark Andrews (McGill University, Montreal) have developed a process that can be used to mass produce integrated photonic devices, circuits and chips. ...

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