Companies commercializing products based on sol-gel technology

Advanced Industrial Materials (Canada)
Advanced Industrial Materials (AIM) produces ceramic whiskers, powders, and custom advanced materials such as composites and electronic materials. All products are prepared via hot pressing, heat treating, spray drying, sol-gel synthesis, and other processes. AIM provides materials engineering, systems engineering, modeling, and consulting services to high technology companies.
Aspen Systems Inc (U.S.A)
Aspen Systems was founded in 1984 with the goal of providing research and development services to its clients. Aspen Systems manufactures a variety of aerogel products such as aerogel powder, monolithic aerogel, flexible aerogel blankets, and clamshell preformed aerogel insulation.
Ceramem Corporation
Ceramem corporation is a contract research company. Activities are centered around materials and process development for the environmental and energy fields and include chemistry and fabrication of membranes, catalysts, and advanced ceramic materials. They offer a range og sol-gel made nanoparticles and membranes.
Cleveland Crystals Inc.
Cleveland Crystals provides thin-film coatings tailored to the specific needs of its customers and optimized for the characteristics of each type of substrate.   Dielectric, metallic, Sol-Gel, Hybrid, and Moisture Barrier films provide a wide range of properties to enhance the performance of both linear and nonlinear optics
Chemat Technology Inc. (U.S.A)
Specialized on sol-gel chemical precursors, processing equipment and R&D research
DENGLAS Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturer of large area anti-reflection coatings, hot mirrors, cold mirrors, beam splitters, etc.. by a proprietary sol-gel technology
Energy Labs Thin-films Division  
Specialized sol-gel formulations, heat transfer coatings, coating analysis and more
ENKI Technologies, LLCWeb site describes sol-gel research and capabilities of ENKI Technologies LLC. We consult in areas of process and equipment development and applications such as electrochromic technology. ENKI has well equipped laboratories to conduct processing and characterization of sol-gel coatings. 
FEW Research and Development company (GE)
Functional Layers, Organic fine synthesis, Sol-Gel Technology
FEW's expertise in the area of Sol-Gel is in the production of metal oxides sols in polar or protic media and in the production of functionalized sols for hybrids and nanocomposites.
The Development and Production of Oxide Colloidal Sol (Water Dispersed Silica Sol, Organic Solvent Dispersed Silica Sol), Protection Coating Solutions (Scratch-resistance Coating Solution. Anti-corrosion Coating Solution). Functional Coating Solutions (Anti-fogging Coating Solution, Anti-contamination Coating Solution).
Geltech (U.S.A)
Geltech offers a variety of precision glass aspheric lenses, traditional optics, sol-gel derived optics, porous substrates and advanced sol-gel made ceramic powders
Heptagon (Finland)
Design and manufacturing services for custom made diffractive and refractive micro optics. They deliver prototypes, designs, replication masters. In-house capabilities include laser-writing, UV embossing, hot embossing for mass replication of diffractive and refractive microstructures in polymers or sol-gel hybrids
Hybrid Glass Technologies, Inc (USA)
Customized sol-gel formulations. Low index UV-curable hybrids for photonic applications.
Industrial Research Limited (New Zeeland)
Expertise in Catalysis, Metal alkoxides synthesis and related materials, Sol-Gel processing. The  team has developed a new technologies for producing metal alkoxides directly from the oxides.
Inorgtech (U.K.)
Commercialize chemical precursors with some specialties for sol-gel processing (PZT, LPZT)
Inostek is a technology oriented start up company in Korea. Their develop a proprietary Sol-Gel technology for Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FeRAM) films. They also provide services on high dielectric materials for DRAM, noble metal deposition technologies, IR sensors and MEMS. 
Lumenon (Canada)
Lumenon patented PHASIC technology combines the best features of organic polymers and the best features of glass to produce a sophisticated hybrid material for integrated optics. 
MarkeTech International Inc (U.S.A)
MKT offers both silica and carbon aerogels in various forms and size

NTera Ltd  (Ireland) (updated October 9,2001)
Electrochromic devices

Nanogate Technologies GmbH (updated)
Nanogate Technologies GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of products using chemical nanotechnology and Sol-Gel methods. Depending on customer requirements, nanogate develops tailor-made solutions based on nanocomposites, develops key materials for high-tech products in the commercial fields of non-stick coatings, scratch-resistant products, corrosion resistance, nanoceramics and nanopowder/pastes.
Nanopore Inc (U.S.A)
NanoPore is an advanced material development and commercialization company specializing in aerogels and other high performance porous materials.
Nanoprobes Inc. (U.S.A)
NTC Nanotech Coatings GmbH (Germany)
Nano-technological coating materials by NTC protect the surfaces of a wide variety of materials from environmental and mechanical corrosion. The basis for most of these nano- materials for protecting surfaces is the sol-gel process based on inorganic-organic hybrid polymers.
Ocean Optics, Inc. (USA) 
is a diversified electro-optics technology firm and a leader in optical sensing, optical networking, display optics and biophotonics technologies
OceanOptics commercialize Fiber optic sensors some of them using sol-gel technology
Prinz optics (Germany)
Prinz Optics GmbH is a manufacturer of "coatings on glass" and fibre-optics" for medical applications, lighting, photography, laser devices, spectroscopy, sensors, etc. Sol-gel is one of the process used for the coatings
PROTAVIC offers the following range of products for sol-gel techniques: 
PSG: Organometallic precursors, HSG: Hybrid precursors for hybrid materials, OSG: Metallic oxides, as oligomers solution or colloidal suspension, SGF: Ready to use formulations, for functional coating in industry
Production Technology of Sol-gel Coating Glass
Institute of Glass and Special Fibreglass China Building Materials Academy
Coating production for buildings since 1987.
RATH Performance Fibers, Inc.
Rath Ceramic fiber products are based on aluminosilicate fibers and ALTRA high alumina fibers, manufactured using a proprietary sol-gel process
SolSens Ltd. (Switzerland)
The core competence of the young start-up company SolSens Ltd. is the sol-gel technology. SolSens is producing sol-gel coatings and sol-gel sensors. We are also manufacturing temperature measurements systems based on these sensors.
SIMAX Technologies
A sol-gel company located  in Irvine, California. Simax use Chemical Solution Gelation ( CSG) and Chemical Solution Deposition (CSD), two proprietary technologies to manufacture a variety of products such as ultra pure optical fiber preforms, Optical fibers, micro-lenses Array waveguide gratings etc addressing product needs for the photonic industry.
Quantum Dot Corporation  
Quantum Dot™ Corporation is commercializing a powerful new tool that is revolutionizing biological discovery. The company's pioneering work is built around quantum dot (Qdot™) particles, tiny crystals developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Melbourne. These crystals, which are a ten-millionth of an inch in size, enable powerful new approaches to genetic analysis, drug discovery, and disease diagnostics. Quantum Dot Corporation holds exclusive rights to Qdot particles from these institutions, and will produce its first products in the autumn of 2001.
Sol-Gel Technologies (Israel) 
Sol-Gel Technologies Ltd. (SGT) is a private early-stage company committed to the development and commercialization of safer and more effective healthcare products utilizing proprietary sol-gel technology, which enables room temperature entrapment of organic and bioactive molecules in silica glass beads.Commercializing products and chemicals for health care developed by the Sol-Gel group of David Avnir.
Sustainable Technologies Australia Ltd
The company develops sustainable energy products for manufacture and technology transfer. Among the commercialized technologies: Sol-Gel made solar cells based on TiO2 sensitized nanoparticles and sol-gel electrochromics.
Taasi Aerogel Technologies
Manufacturing and fabrication of aerogel products, development of aerogel-based technologies for a variety of applications.
TAL Materials (USA) 
TAL Materials, Inc. uses a patented flame spray pyrolysis (FSP) process for the direct production of un-agglomerated, often single crystal, mono- and mixed-metal oxide nanopowders. The commercial ultrafine powder production FSP method has been modified to allow for powder production from a variety of solution based precursors.
Technical know-how of TAL Materials includes: The FSP mono- and mixed-metal oxide nanopowder production process, Inexpensive high-purity silicon and derivatives (polymers, additives) production process, Aluminosilicate polymer precursor processes, Cubic organic-inorganic hybrid methods (cubic silisesquioxanes or POSS), Nanocomposite precursor materials.
Materials for Photonic, Electronics, Fuel Cells, Catalysis, single and mixed metal precursors are already available for purchasing.
Techniweave (U.S.A)
Techniweave is involved with the specialty weaving of advanced high temperature  and structural fibers, the development and manufacture of advanced fiber preforms, and ceramic matrix composites made by sol-gel processing techniques and resin  matrix composites using RTM.
Terahertz Photonics
Terahertz Photonics have  the broiad range of capabilities to make Photonic Integrated Circuits-advanced planar components for optical telecoms. They developed a sol-gel process that deposits the 8┬Ám thick silica layers necessazry for single mode optical components
TWI (U.K) 
TWI is an independent contract research and technology organization near Cambridge, UK. TWI's Advanced Materials and Processes Department has developed a sol-gel technique for producing scratch resistant and water repellent films
3M Nextel ceramics (U.S.A) (updated Oct.2001) 
Sol-gel processed fibers Al2O3 (Nextel720/610), Al2O3-SiO2-B2O3 (Nextel312/440), Al2O3-SiO2 (Nextel550). You can download the
3M™ Nextel™ Technical Notebook (55 pages).More links on sol-gel NEXTEL derived products .
also an online paper on "HIGH PERFORMANCE OXIDE FIBERS FOR METAL AND CERAMIC COMPOSITES" by D. M. Wilson and L. R. Visser Presented at the Processing of Fibers & Composites Conference, Barga, Italy, May 22, 2000