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Nano-patterned Anti- reflective films

All transparent media reflect some of the light incident on their surfaces. The reflection is caused by the abrupt change in the refractive index at the interface between two media. With the help of microstructured surfaces (see illustrations below), the reflection can be reduced considerably. Surface structures which are smaller than the wavelengths of light cannot be resolved by the incident light - the structures lead to a continuous transition in the refractive index at the interface and reduce the reflectance of a glass pane from about 8 % to less than 1 %.

In architectural glazing or solar collectors, reflection-reducing surface structures can be applied in order to increase solar gains. The approach can also be used to suppress disturbing visible reflections


Glass pane with a porous sol-gel anti-reflection coating (lower section) and without (upper edge). Periodic microstructures prepared in ORMOCER, which lead to a gradient in the refractive index

With the aim of developing a favourably priced production process for large-area anti-reflective surfaces, three Fraunhofer Institutes have combined to form a consortium with complementary areas of competence including:

  • Optical modelling and production of master structures
  • Direct forming processes, production of embossing tools
  • Production and treatment of structured ORMOCERs
  • Inorganic coatings with graded porosity
  • Within the joint project, diverse technological approaches to obtain structured surfaces are being followed. This means that solutions to reduce reflection can be individually optimised.


    Andreas Gombert,
    Email agom@ise.fhg.de

    Contact persons in each Institute

    Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE
    Oltmannsstrasse 5
    D-79100 Freiburg

    Dr. Volker Wittwer
    Tel.: +49(0)761/ 4588 - 140
    Fax: +49(0)761/ 4588 - 132

    Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC
    Neunerplatz 2
    D-97082 Würzburg

    Dieter Sporn
    Tel.: +49(0)931/ 4100 - 400
    Fax: +49(0)931/ 4100 - 199
    Email: sporn@isc.fhg.de

    Fraunhofer Institute for Materials Mechanics IWM
    Wöhlerstr. 11
    D-79108 Freiburg

    Dr. Walter Döll
    Tel.: +49(0)761/ 5142 - 102
    Fax: +49(0)761/ 5142 - 110
    Email: dz@iwm.fhg.de

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