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Terahertz Photonics the Scottish sol-gel player in the telecom market 


Founded in 1998, Terahertz Photonics is a developer of advanced Planar Lightwave Circuit materials for use in telecom and datacom applications.Two platform technologies sit at the core of the company. 

Courtesy Terahertz Photonics Ltd

The first,
Solica a sol-gel process, enables the deposition of silica on silicon in a cost efficient way. The process enables also a range of ions to be easily incorporated into the silica. THz are able to deposit low birefringence thick layers. Because it uses a solution as the reaction medium instead of gas, the process is simpler, more economical and more environmentally friendly than other silica on silicon processes. 
Second a new polymer technology
Truemode offers a unique combination of photowritability, low optical loss and high temperature mechanical integrity, making it attractive for use in a variety of Planar Lightwave Circuits.

THz have established a 20,000 ft2 Advanced Wafer Facility for the joint development of new components with leading companies. Materials, design and packaging expertise are available to ensure timely product development. To enable development partners to achieve maximum manufacturing efficiency, 

Terahertz Photonics is undertaking the joint-development of a range of planar lightwave circuit components with leading telecom component companies.
Components which can be made more cost effectively, or with added functionality, including splitters, AWGs, interleavers, switches and VOAs.

Both the optical polymer and the sol-gel glass are being developed for a range of devices within the company and for supply to selected partners under license.


Terahertz Photonics secures SPURPLUS award to drive ground breaking technology
(Press release)
Terahertz Web site

Solica white paper (pdf file)



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