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Simax's Boron Doped Silica Material Reduces Panda Fiber Cost

Offering a fast and cost effective solution for fiber manufacturers to access bulk boron doped materials

Irvine, CA, October 8, 2002 -- Simax Technologies, a leading-manufacturer of advanced optical fiber base and high performance materials, unveiled today its newest product, boron doped silica (BDS) rod optimized for the Panda polarization maintaining (PM) fiber. Simax is the first in the industry to supply boron doped silica rods for the stress applying parts in Panda fiber, offering fiber manufacturers with a higher yield and cost effective material solution for a highly birefringence waveguide structure that preserves the polarization states of the input beam along the length of the fiber. 

Simax's BDS rods are a cost effective solution for the fabrication of the Panda preform. Unlike the industry-wide technology, chemical vapor deposition technology, Monophase Chemical Sol-Gel
TM (MCSGTM) is a batch processing technology producing bulk boron doped silica material at a higher yield and without etching or drilling.

Through Simax's revolutionary process to manufacture boron doped silica materials, Panda fiber manufacturers can now simply order the stress applying parts and slip them into the preform, reducing time and cost. 

"Our boron doped silica stress applying rods have an optimized thermal expansion coefficient as well as tight geometrical tolerances," said Michael Landi, Simax's Director of Business Development. "This newest product is only the beginning of how we will strategically apply MCSGTM in the specialty optical fiber market."

Established in 1999, Simax's core business is to employ its patent pending material processing technology, MCSGTM, to manufacture advanced optical fiber base and high performance materials for various industries. With MCSGTM, Simax also offers research and development services to a diverse group of customers to provide innovative and flexible solutions for the limitations of present day material processing technologies. 

Visit www.simaxtech.com to learn more about Simax Technologies.

Simax Contacts
Media Contact:
Ms. Sharon Doh
(949) 789- 7888 x 115

Investor Relations Contact:
Mr. Michael Landi
(949) 789- 7888 x 151
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