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Chemical Precursors and Preparations

PROTAVIC has launched recently a Sol-Gel Chemical precursors and ready to use preparations catalogue.

The company offers the following range of products for sol-gel techniques:

PROTAVIC® PSG Organometallic precursors of metallic oxides
PROTAVIC® HSG Hybrid precursors for inorganic-organic hybrid materials
PROTAVIC® OSG Metallic oxides, as oligomers solution, colloidal suspension or powder, obtained by the sol-gel process
PROTAVIC® SGF Ready to use formulations and solutions, which are intended to bring a precise functionality and which are entirely suitable for industrial processes.

In addition PROTAVIC® as part of the PROTEX INTERNATIONAL group offers a fully integrated chemical service in the field of sot-gel:
Development : A research and development team specifically devoted to sol-gel formulations and precursors, which can — if necessary — draw on external network of collaborative links and contacts with a long experience of chemistry and sol-gel processes. 
Production on both pilot and industrial scale: PROTAVIC® has at it disposal a whole range of plant and equipment (size, nature...), synthesizing processes (organic, inorganic...), analytical and application resources and expertise which enable it to offer optimum solution for perfecting products which are the results of either internal developments or ones specific to our customers, right through from initial development to the pilot scheme stage and then on the industrial scale. 


Pierre Roy
Technology Resources
Phone: +33 1 41 34 14 06
Fax: : +33 1 41 34 14 00
Email: pr@protex-international.com

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