General information 

How Are Coatings Applied?
By Carl Izzo, Consultant
Published at pfonline.com

Glossary of terms in coatings
by Poeton Industries Limited (UK)
Coating quality and spin coating
by Dunbar P. Birnie, III, from the department of Materials Science and Engineering
University of Arizona Includes
Application Areas that use Spin-Coating
Fundamental Physics of Spin-Coating
Characteristic Spin-Coating Defects
Other Spin Coating Informational Links
Historical timeline of vacuum Coating and Vacuum Technology
Historical Timeline for key events and developments associated with the history of vacuum coating and vacuum/plasma technology.
by Donald M; Matrox Society of Vacuum coaters
A Concise History of Vacuum Coating Technology
Part I (prior WWII)
Part II 1940-1975

Online Papers

How to Minimize Resist Usage During Spin Coating
Bob Lorefice, Dalton Chen, Bette Mullen, Emir Gurer, Ph.D., Richard Savage, Ph.D., and Reese Reynolds, SVG PhotoProcess Div., San Jose, Calif.
From semiconductor.net
"A step-by-step guide to understanding and minimizing the amount of photoresist used during spin coating operations."

The Deposition of Semiconducting Polymers
Curtis Attebery, Sarah Ludlum, Brian Patterson, and Pete Turrone
"Semi-conducting polymers are deposited onto a substrate in three distinct ways: spin-coating,
dip-coating, and ink-jet deposition . All of these techniques give optimal coverage with minimum
material usage". 
A Rheological Approach to Understand the Capillary Penetration of Coating into Wood
Mari de Meijer,1 Barend van de Velde,1 Holger Militz,1,2
SHR Timber Research1, NL
Wageningen Agricultural University2
Section of Forestry, Wood Science Group, NL
"In this research the capillary penetration of coatings into wooden substrates and the drying behaviour of unpigmented coatings on wood were studied and discussed for four different polymeric binders including waterborne dispersions, emulsions and solvent borne solutions of alkyd and acrylic resins. The influence of thickeners and surfactants was also taken into account. The rate of capillary penetration of coating into wood was calculated from the Wasburn equation in which the rate of capillary penetration is proportional to the capillary radius, the liquid surface tension and the cosine of the contact angle and inversely proportional to the viscosity and the height of rise of the liquid."


Coating flow research lab
University of Delaware
Numerical simulation, Interfacial energetics, Curved substrates, surfactants, drying and Marangoni effects all topics described in 5 posters you see at the lab page or   download.
Supported by NASA Microgravity program and ICI Paints
von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
ORMOCER®s as protective and functional coatings
Fraunhofer Institute of Silicates
Sol-Gel CEA Lab


European Coating net
A portal to coatings
Society of Vacuum Coaters

Sol-Gel coating manufacturers


Schott architectural glass
Glass for architecture / construction and decoration
. Trademarks AMIRAN, CALOREX etc.
Cleveland Crystals Inc.
Cleveland Crystals provides thin-film coatings tailored to the specific needs of its customers and optimized for the characteristics of each type of substrate.   Dielectric, metallic, Sol-Gel, Hybrid, and Moisture Barrier films provide a wide range of properties to enhance the performance of both linear and nonlinear optics
DENGLAS Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturer of large area anti-reflection coatings, hot mirrors, cold mirrors, beam splitters, etc.. by a proprietary sol-gel technology
Production Technology of Sol-gel Coating Glass
Institute of Glass and Special Fibreglass China Building Materials Academy
Coating production for buildings since 1987.


Coating equipments

Speedline Technologies
Specialty Coating Systems offers  precision dip coating systems for coating printed circuit boards in non-automated product settings. These SCS dip systems can be used to apply urethane, epoxy, silicone and acrylic coatings as well as photo-resists and solder mask materials to printed circuit boards. Both have a stationary tank and an air-over-oil cylinder mechanism to move circuit assemblies into and out of the coating tank.
Mask-Free Application of Conformal Coatings
Concoat Limited (UK)
Dip Coating machines
EVG group
Resist coaters for the semiconductor industry.


Flow 3D
Flow 3D is a general purpose CFD software package capable of simulating a wide variety of fluid flows including diping
GOMA (The site is under reconstruction and some of the links are not yet actives..)
A full-Newton Finite Element program for free and Moving Boundary Problems with coupled Fluid/Solid Momentum, energy, mass and chemical species transport. Visit also the gallery to visualize dip, spin, and blade simulated coatings
by P.R. Schunk, P.A. Sackinger, R.R. Rao, K.S. Chen, R.A. Cairncross 
from the Incompressible Fluid Mechanics Division of the Engineering Sciences Center. Sandia National Laboratories

Market studies

Electronic materials: Coatings and Surface Technology for future Applications
Technical Insights/John Wiley & Sons, Inc
This 223-page Report provides executives, R&D managers, and investors with a comprehensive assessment and forecast of the optoelectronics and electronic materials market, which experts predict will reach more than $30 billion by the end of 2000

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