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aer( )sculptures 

A year after his first exposure of aer( )sculptures at solgel.com, Dr Michalou(di)s a visual Artist of MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies, present the second series of aerogel sculptures. Among others enjoy the beauty of a "light" version of Aphrodite of Milos, the object of ecstatic wonder to millions of people.
The 2003 aer( )sculptures have been exposed in a special event at the 7 International Symposium of Aerogels, November 2-5 , Alexandria, Virginia (USA)


MneC2H5OH (Mnemonic Ethanol), 12x5x3cm, realized at ‘’Ocellus Technologies’’, CA (USA), 2/2003

© MICHALOU(di)S, 2003


steam surrounding the aer( )sculpture, model: «Cycladic little idol», Archeological Museum of Athens

© MICHALOU(di)S, 2003


Aphroplaston, high density silica aerogel, 9X6.5X3.5cm, realized at ‘’Aspen Aerogels’’, MA (USA), 4/2003

© MICHALOU(di)S, 2003


the laser pointer lights the aer( )sculpture like if this one was made by steam…
model: «Aphrodite of Milos», Louvre Museum, Paris

© MICHALOU(di)S, 2003


the aer( )sculpture, having an hydrophobic treatment, float on the water’s surface

© MICHALOU(di)S, 2003


transmitted white light offers this orange-gold hue, due to the Mie scattering

© MICHALOU(di)S, 2003


the aer( )sculpture on the left contains 98% air, this on the right 90%.
More dense in silica is the form, less scatters the light

© MICHALOU(di)S, 2003


HERME(las)TIC, low density silica aerogel, 10.5X7X4cm,  realized at ‘’Ocellus Technologies’’, CA (USA), 4/2003,
model: «Hermes of Praxiteles», Museum  of Olympia, Greece

© MICHALOU(di)S, 2003

a portable sunset… , hydrophobic silica aerogel.
The cloud made of warm water vapors disappears after 9 minutes
(every 3 minutes was taken one photography).

© MICHALOU(di)S, 2003

 download gallery (pdf file 383K)




Contact info:

Dr Iannis MICHALOU(di)S
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Center for Advanced Visual Studies, N52-373A
265, Mass, Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139, U.S.A.
phone: + 1 617 258 6941,fax: + 1 617 253 1660
web: http://web.mit.edu/cavs/people.html
e-mail: I.MICHALOUDIS@fulbrightweb.org



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