Our ambition is to make the Sol-Gel Gateway the central place where Chemists, Physicists, Materials Scientists and device Technologists, together with Industrial Engineers can exchange and gather information on Sol-Gel related areas.

This not only will promote this exciting Scientific and Technologically important field but also -we hope- make visible, and finally more productive, the huge research work available around the world.   

The site was conceived and realized by Dr Michel Prassas with the encouragements and support of  a substantial part of the sol-gel community. It is maintained in a regular basis (updates are made monthly) with the help of  an editorial board and the numerous contributions we receive from researchers in the field everywhere around the world.

Particular thanks to 

  • Professor Jean Phalippou ( University of Montpellier, France)
  • Professor David Avnir (University of Jerusalem, Israel),
  • Professor Helmut Schmidt (Institute of New Materials, Germany)
  • Dr Martin (Institute of New Materials, Germany)
  • Professor Michel Aergerter (Institute of New Materials, Germany)
  • Professor Lisa Klein (Rutgers University, USA)
  • Professor Clement Sanchez (University of Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris France)

for their encouragements and continuous support to that project.


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