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Contents of the 
Proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on Aerogels
, Aerogels (ISA-6), Albuquerque, NM, USA 8-11 October 2000


  1. Effect of methyltrimethoxysilane as a co-precursor on the optical properties of silica aerogels
    Rao, AV; Pajonk, GM
    pp 202 -209
  2. Surface-treatment chemistry in the manufacture of aerogels: computational modelling of cyclic and linear siloxanes
    Field, RJ; Olson, EW
    pp 194 -201
  3. Nanostructured energetic materials using sol-gel methodologies
    Tillotson, TM; Gash, AE; Simpson, RL; Hrubesh, LW; Satcher, JH; Poco, JF
    pp 338 -345
  4. Preparation of BaTiO3 powders using supercritical CO2 drying of gels
    Novak, Z; Knez, Z; Drofenik, M; Ban, I
    pp 44 -49
  5. Strengthening of silica gels and aerogels by washing and aging processes
    Einarsrud, MA; Nilsen, E; Rigacci, A; Pajonk, GM; Buathier, S; Valette, D; Durant, M; Chevalier, B; Nitz, P; Ehrburger-Dolle, F
    pp 1 -7
  6. Effects of supercritical impregnation conditions on the properties of silica-titania aerogels
    Yoda, S; Otake, K; Takebayashi, Y; Sugeta, T; Sato, T
    pp 8 -12
  7. Electrochemically induced surface modification of titanols in a 'nanoglued' titania aerogel-silica aerogel composite film
    Pietron, JJ; Rolison, DR
    pp 13 -21
  8. New sol-gel synthetic route to transition and main-group metal oxide aerogels using inorganic salt precursors
    Gash, AE; Tillotson, TM; Satcher, JH; Hrubesh, LW; Simpson, RL
    pp 22 -28
  9. Modifying nanoscale silica with itself: a method to control surface properties of silica aerogels independently of bulk structure
    Morris, CA; Rolison, DR; Swider-Lyons, KE; Osburn-Atkinson, EJ; Merzbacher, CI
    pp 29 -36
  10. Silica aerogel-iron oxide nanocomposites: structural and magnetic properties
    Casas, L; Roig, A; Rodriguez, E; Molins, E; Tejada, J; Sort, J
    pp 37 -43
  11. Effective diffusion coefficient in the low temperature process of silica aerogel production
    Wawrzyniak, P; Rogacki, G; Pruba, J; Bartczak, Z
    pp 50 -56
  12. Synthesis of high porosity, monolithic alumina aerogels
    Poco, JF; Satcher, JH; Hrubesh, LW
    pp 57 -63
  13. Effects of the post-synthesis treatment on the structural properties of alumina-doped zirconia
    Metelkina, O; Husing, N; Pongratz, P; Schubert, U
    pp 64 -70
  14. Multiphased assembly of nanoporous silica particles
    Fan, HY; Van Swol, F; Lu, YF; Brinker, CJ
    pp 71 -78
  15. Self-assembled aerogel-like low dielectric constant films
    Fan, HY; Bentley, HR; Kathan, KR; Clem, P; Lu, YF; Brinker, CJ
    pp 79 -83
  16. Processing of alumina low-density xerogels by ambient pressure drying
    Frazee, JW; Harris, TM
    pp 84 -89
  17. Preparation of mesoporous TiO2 thin films by surfactant templating
    Yusuf, MM; Imai, H; Hirashima, H
    pp 90 -95
  18. Preparation of meso-porous TiO2 gels and their characterization
    Hirashima, H; Imai, H; Balek, V
    pp 96 -100
  19. The use of vinyl functional aerogels for reinforcement of silicone rubbers
    Floess, JK; Field, R; Rouanet, S
    pp 101 -108
  20. Small-angle X-ray scattering of a new series of organic aerogels
    Barbieri, O; Ehrburger-Dolle, F; Rieker, TP; Pajonk, GM; Pinto, N; Rao, AV
    pp 109 -115
  21. Sol-gel preparation and in vitro deposition of apatite on porous gelatin-siloxane hybrids
    Ren, L; Tsuru, K; Hayakawa, S; Osaka, A
    pp 116 -122
  22. Synthesis and properties of chitosan-silica hybrid aerogels
    Ayers, MR; Hunt, AJ
    pp 123 -127
  23. Influence of the organic phase on the properties of CrO3-derived chromia aerogels
    Skapin, T
    pp 128 -134
  24. The use of additives to prepare low-density xerogels
    Alie, C; Pirard, R; Lecloux, AJ; Pirard, JP
    pp 135 -141
  25. Characterization of mesoporous silicas by in situ small angle neutron scattering during isothermal gas adsorption
    Ramsay, JDF; Kallus, S
    pp 142 -147
  26. Very large-scale structures in sintered silica aerogels as evidenced by atomic force microscopy and ultra-small angle X-ray scattering experiments
    Marliere, C; Despetis, F; Etienne, P; Woignier, T; Dieudonne, P; Phalippou, J
    pp 148 -153
  27. DLS and SAXS investigations of organic gels and aerogels
    Berthon, S; Barbieri, O; Ehrburger-Dolle, F; Geissler, E; Achard, P; Bley, F; Hecht, AM; Livet, F; Pajonk, GM; Pinto, N
    pp 154 -161
  28. Investigations of silica alcogel aging using coherent light
    Hunt, AJ; Ayers, MR
    pp 162 -166
  29. Nitrogen sorption in aerogels
    Reichenauer, G; Scherer, GW
    pp 167 -174
  30. Two fractal structures in aerogel
    Marliere, C; Woignier, T; Dieudonne, P; Primera, J; Lamy, M; Phalippou, J
    pp 175 -180
  31. Small angle neutron scattering characterization of colloidal and fractal aerogels
    Reidy, RF; Allen, AJ; Krueger, S
    pp 181 -186
  32. Investigation of the multi-scale structure of silica aerogels by SAXS
    Rigacci, A; Ehrburger-Dolle, F; Geissler, E; Chevalier, B; Sallee, H; Achard, P; Barbieri, O; Berthon, S; Bley, F; Livet, F
    pp 187 -193
  33. Carbon aerogels as broadband non-reflective materials
    Merzbacher, CI; Meier, SR; Pierce, JR; Korwin, ML
    pp 210 -215
  34. Computer simulation of mechanical structure-property relationship of aerogels
    Ma, HS; Prevost, JH; Jullien, R; Scherer, GW
    pp 216 -221
  35. Mechanical and acoustical properties as a function of PEG concentration in macroporous silica gels
    Martin, J; Hosticka, B; Lattimer, C; Norris, PM
    pp 222 -229
  36. Impedance matching and acoustic absorption in granular layers of silica aerogels
    Forest, L; Gibiat, V; Hooley, A
    pp 230 -235
  37. Measurement of attractive forces between single aerogel powder particles and the correlation with powder flow
    Weth, M; Hofmann, M; Kuhn, J; Fricke, J
    pp 236 -243
  38. Mechanical properties of silica aerogels measured by microindentation: influence of sol-gel processing parameters and carbon addition
    Moner-Girona, M; Martinez, E; Roig, A; Esteve, J; Molins, E
    pp 244 -250
  39. Effect of oxidation treatment on the crack propagation rate of aerogels
    Despetis, F; Calas, S; Etienne, P; Phalippou, J
    pp 251 -255
  40. Tunable optical properties of metal nanoparticle sol-gel composites
    Smith, DD; Snow, LA; Sibille, L; Ignont, E
    pp 256 -263
  41. Use of surface treated aerogels derived from various silica precursors in translucent insulation panels
    Ackerman, WC; Vlachos, M; Rouanet, S; Fruendt, J
    pp 264 -271
  42. Skin formation on RF aerogel sheets
    Petricevic, R; Glora, M; Moginger, A; Fricke, J
    pp 272 -276
  43. Carbon cloth-reinforced and activated aerogel films for supercapacitors
    Schmitt, C; Probstle, H; Fricke, J
    pp 277 -282
  44. Integration of carbon aerogels in PEM fuel cells
    Glora, M; Wiener, M; Petricevic, R; Probstle, H; Fricke, J
    pp 283 -287
  45. Controlling the pore-solid architecture of mesoporous, high surface area manganese oxides with the birnessite structure
    Long, JW; Stroud, RM; Rolison, DR
    pp 288 -294
  46. Encapsulation of lipases in aerogels
    Buisson, P; Hernandez, C; Pierre, M; Pierre, AC
    pp 295 -302
  47. Aerogels as biosensors: viral particle detection by bacteria immobilized on large pore aerogel
    Power, M; Hosticka, B; Black, E; Daitch, C; Norris, P
    pp 303 -308
  48. Nickel-alumina composite aerogels as liquid-phase hydrogenation catalysts
    Suh, DJ; Park, TJ; Lee, SH; Kim, KL
    pp 309 -316
  49. An experimental investigation of aerosol collection utilizing packed beds of silica aerogel microspheres
    Guise, MT; Hosticka, B; Earp, BC; Norris, PM
    pp 317 -322
  50. Permeability measurement in composite aerogels: application to nuclear waste storage
    Reynes, J; Woignier, T; Phalippou, J
    pp 323 -327
  51. Solvent removal from water with hydrophobic aerogels
    Hrubesh, LW; Coronado, PR; Satcher, JH
    pp 328 -332
  52. Catalyst activity of alumina-galia aerogels for selective reduction of NOx
    Chono, T; Hamada, H; Haneda, M; Imai, H; Hirashima, H
    pp 333 -337
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