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puce Agaram Abhiraman
Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Textile & Fiber Engineering
New sol-gel routes for oxide and mixed oxide, continuous ceramic fibers from metal alkoxides and BN fibers from polymer precursors.
puce Paul Alivisatos  
Department of Chemistry, University of California and Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory.
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology especially quantum dots synthesis study and characterization
puce John Ballato
puce Frank V. Bright
Dept of Chemistry, State University of N.Y. at Buffalo
Advanced Biosensors (sol-gel made materials for immobilization,, biorecognition ) and Supercritical fluid science and technology
puce G. Beaucage
puce Eric Pascal Bescher (UCLA)
puce Dunbar P. Birnie
Ferroelectric Device Fabrication, Testing, and Modeling , Spin-Coating Science ,Processing and Properties of Sol-Gel Derived Coatings  
puce Karen Brewer
Inorganic chelmistry, Hamilton College, NY 
Sol-gel routes to rare-earth containing glasses
puce C. Jeffrey Brinker
University of Mexico and Sandia Laboratories
puce James M. Burlitch
Materials Chemistry, Cornell University
Optical composites with nanoparticles (rare earth doped), sol-gel made silicates
puce Richard A. Cairncross
Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Drexel University, Philadelphia 
Porous materials drying, Sol-gel films
puce Peter W Carr  
Analytical chemistry Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota
Ceramic supports for HPLC; materials chemistry in large scale biological chromatography, ultra stable stationary phases for environmental analysis.  
puce Guozhong Cao
Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Washington, WA 
Sol-gel process, organic-inorganic hybrids, nanostructured materials & coatings.
puce Bradley F. ChmelkaMaterials Research, Molecular sieves (zeolites), polymer structure and dynamics, inorganic-organic hybrids materials, NMR spectroscopy
Materials Research Laboratory
University of California, Santa Barbara
Shinye Chia's
puce Eric Chronister  
Chemistry department, University of California, Riverside
Coherent nonlinear time-resolved laser spectroscopy. Dynamics of organically modified Sol-Gel glasses. Sol-Gel sensors
puce Alexis Clare
Alfred University

Maryanne M. Collinson
Department of Chemistry at Kansas State University
Analytical, Inorganic and Materials Chemistry
Sol-Gel Derived Materials, Chemiluminescence, UltraMicroelectrodes


Bahne C. Cornilsen 
Chemistry Department at MTU
Sol-gel glasses, structure and reaction kinetics, Battery electrodes, Solid state spectroscopy

puce Josephine Covino
A-P-T Research, Inc.
puce James. A Cox
Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Miami University, FL 
Sol-Gel Biosensors and catalysts. Polyoxometalates, metallodendrimers
puce Sheng Dai 
Chemical Technology Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
puce Bakul C. Dave
puce Bruce S. Dunn
puce Brian D. Fabes
puce María E. Pozo de Fernández 
Florida institute of Technology
Sol-Gel processing. Experimental studies of the formation of silica fibers by sol gel polymerization. Supercritical fluid technology applied to the production of aerogels
puce John Fourkas 
Department of Chemistry, Boston College
Dynamics of nanoconfined liquids, Ultrafast Spectrocopy,
puce Sheldon K. Friedlander  
Chemical Engineering department
Aerosol engineering and nanopartciles manufacturing
puce Karen K. Gleason
puce Michael Z.-C. Hu
Chemical technology division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Synthesis/manufacturing of ultrafine monodispersed inorganic particles, spray, electrodispersion, advanced ceramics materials
puce Lisa Klein

Douglas M. Korwin
Alfred University


William LaCourse
Alfred University
Sol-Gel processing of glasses and ceramics

puce Richard Laine  
Materials Chemistry group, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Michigan
puce Nicolas Leventis
Department of chemistry at the University of Missouri-Rolla.
Electrochemistry, Organic Materials, Sol-Gel Chemistry, Microfabrication
puce Jerry Y.S. Lin
Materials for separation laboratory, dept. of chemical engineering, College of Engineering, University of Cincinnati
Synthesis of various types of inorganic membranes or sorbents with tailore-designed structure by sol-gel and chemical/physical vapor deposition
puce M. J. Lochead (UNH)
Advanced materials, biomineralization, microfabrication, sol-gel processing, microspectroscopy
puce John D. Mackenzie
puce Egon Matijevic  
Clarkson University
Colloid and Surface science, Monodispersed particles, aerosols, colloidal stability, ceramic powders
puce Themis Matsoukas
Fenske Laboratory, Penn State University
Sol-Gel nanoparticles and colloid chemistry
puce Abdul Malik
Department of Chemistry 
University of South Florida 
Sol-gel chemistry-based separation systems; Capillary zone electrophoresis
puce Kenneth A. Mauritz
puce Alon V. McCormick
Chemical Engineering & Materials science, University of Minnesota 
Sol-Gel ceramic synthesis and hybrid inorganic-organic polymer synthesis.
puce Gary L. Messing
PennState University
Ceramics and particulate materials processing
puce Laura Muller
Chemistry department, Wheaton College, Norton, Ma
Sol-Gel aging and drying studies
puce Michael E. Mullins
kinetics and catalysis, thermodynamics, ceramics, particle technology, and environmental engineering
puce Pamela M. Norris   
Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering, University of Virginia
Her current research is in the areas of microscale heat transfer, ultra-fast temperature measurement techniques, characterization of microscale thermal properties, laser-material interactions, intelligent processing of materials, sensor design, biological warfare detection and advancement of aerogel applications.
puce Catherine J. Page
University of Oregon
Sol-Gel synthesis of inorganic solid-state materials
puce Carlo G. Pantano personal web page

David J. Pine
Soft condensed matter, rheology and structure of complex fluids, light scattering, macroporous materials, photonic crystal
Materials Research Laboratory
University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

E. J. A. Pope
Matech, Solgenics
Profile published by Ceramic Bulletin (Amer. Cer. Soc.)

puce Kevin Powers
University of Florida
sol gel derived powders and glasses, synthesis of  nanoparticles for optical applications
puce Paras N. Prasad
Preparation, processing and theoretical modeling of photonic materials. Nonlinear optical effects in organic polymers. Laser­matter interaction. Ultrafast processes in condensed phase. Microstructure and dynamics in sol-gel processed organic:inorganic hybrid materials.
puce Jason Ritchie
Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Mississippi 
Hybrid organic-inorganic sol-gel materials, mesoporous ceramic materials, solid lithium ion conducting polymer electrolytes.
puce William M Risen (Brown University)
puce S.S. Saavedra
Dept of Chemistry, University of Arizona
Sol-Gel sensors.
puce Michael Sacks
Georgia Institute of Technology
Materials Science and Engineering
processing of ceramic fibers and films by sol-gel and polymer precursor methods
puce George Scherer
puce Zonping Shao
Dept. Materials Science & Engineering, School of Engineering and applied Sciences
University of Pennsylvania. PH
Sol-Gel preparation of oxide catalysts and membranes
puce Mahmoud R. Shahriari
Department of Ceramic & Materials Engineering
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
puce Joseph H. Simmons
Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Florida
Sol-gel Films, Coatings and Fibers, Nanocluster Composites, Linear and Non-Linear Optical Processes in Glasses and Other Thin Films
puce Wolfgang Sigmund
Materials Science & Engineering, University of Florida, FL 
Applied Colloid Science, Advanced Nanomaterials processing. Ceramic processing with sol-gel nanoparticles
puce John A. Shelnutt  
Biomolecular Materials and Interfaces Department
Sandia National Laboratories and Department of Chemistry
The University of New Mexico
Functional biomimetic catalysts, photonic materials, and other nanomolecular composite materials based on mechanisms utilized in related biological systems.
puce Wei-Heng Shih
puce Upali Siriwardane
puce Richard L. Smith
Department of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT
Ceramic materials processing by soft chemical and sol-gel routes, Structure and properties of materials surfaces
puce Albert E. Stiegman
puce Andreas Stein
Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota
Synthesis of inorganic and hybrid organic/inorganic porous solids formed by hydrothermal, templating and molecular self-assembly methods; solid state characterization; applications in catalysis, separations, ion-exchange and battery materials.  
puce M.D. Soucek 
Dept. of Polymers & Coatings, North Dakota University
Ceramers, UV cured coatings
puce Toyoichi Tanaka
puce Theodore D. Taylor
Ceramic Engineering Department at Clemson University
Mechanical properties of ceramics, sol gel processing, melting kinetics of glasses, composites, properties of glass.
puce Sarah Tolbert  
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, UCLA
Inorganic organic nanostructured composites for a variety of applications
puce Donald R. Uhlmann
puce George M. Whitesides 
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University
Biorganic/Physical Organic Chemistry, Materials Science, Soft lithography, nanostructures, 3-D microstructures
puce Garth L. WilkesPolymer Materials and Interfaces Laboratory, dept. of chemical engineering, Virginia Polytechnic institute & state University, Virginia
Sol-Gel Hybrid inorganic-organic network materials, Structure-property relationships of polymeric materials
puce Michael C. Weinberg
puce Anna Wojcik
puce Jackie Y. Ying
puce Wai Tak Yip
Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Oklahoma 
Single molecule spectroscopy of organic dyes in sol-gel films.
puce Yong Zhang
Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Washington, WA 
Sol-Gel process, organic-inorganic hybrids, luminescent materials, biomaterials.

T.W. Zerda  
Sol-gel glass & applications, Carbon black, Raman imaging

puce Brian J.J. Zelinski
Wet Chemical Approaches for the Generation of Electronic and Opto-electronic Materials. sol-gel Synthesis of Optical Waveguides and Gratings
puce Jeffrey I. Zink
Dept. of chemistry and Biochemistry UCLA
Sol-Gel films and biosensors, Templating techniques to produce materials with long-range order