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Australia (7)


Nanoscience Laboratory
Affiliation : University of Melbourne,  Australia
Research Activities : Summary of journal articles, current research projects and research activities of the NSL group. This includes nanocrystal based waveguides, optical coatings, thin films and sol-gel based coatings.
Prof. Paul Mulvaney
University of Melbourne
Phone: +61-3-8344-2420
Fax: +61-3-9348-1595
Sol-gel Nanocoatings 
Affiliation : Faculty of Science University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Research Activities :  
1. Production and characterisation of alkoxide sol-gel developed calcium phosphates for biomedical applications. 
2. Production of high abrasion resistant sol-gel developed oxide coatings.
3. Production and characterisation of sol-gel developed high temperature resistant ceramic coatings.
4. Investigations of corrosion resistant oxide coatings on steels.
5. Application of sol-gel techniques to coralline materials and biomimetics.
6. Coating of metallic implants with sol-gel derived materials for longevity.
Prof. Ben-Nissan has been involved with sol-gel technology since 1989 and its application to implants and biomedical devices. He has developed alkoxide based calcium phosphate coatings for biomedical applications and investigated intermediate reactions and contributed to their better understanding.
10 Post doctoral research officers and 18 Ph.D. and M.Sc. students have contributed to the development of this Research Group. Over 150 research publications and conference presentations mainly sol-gel based materials since 1990 shows the productivity of this group.
Prof. Besim Ben-Nissan
University of Technology Sydney
Phone: +61 2 95141784
Fax: +61 2 9514 1628
Centre for Materials Technology
Affiliation : Faculty of Science University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Research Activities : Sol-gel thin films
School of Chemistry
Affiliation : University of New South Wales, Sydney
Research Activities : Sol-gel water repellent coatings on glass, rubber, ceramics, metals,..
Sol-gel group
Affiliation : Chemistry department, University of Monash
Research Activities : Precursor chemistry and deposition methods for ZrO2,PbTIO3,Al2O3,WO3,MgAl2O4,NiO,V2O5, Intelligent glazing materials
Polymer Science Sector
Affiliation : Ian Wark research institute, University of South Australia
Research Activities : Organic-inorganic hybrid, polymer nanocomposite by sol-gel method, Sol-gel nanocoating, Template mediated hybrid. Novel method of interface analysis
Polyoxometalates, Hydroxyapatites and Imogolites research group
Affiliation : University of Western Sydney, Australia
Research Activities :
Production and Characterization of Polyoxometalates, Hydroxyapatites and Imogolites
Contact:  Jimmy Hu

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Brazil (3)
Multidisciplinary Center for Ceramic Materials Development
Affiliation : Chemistry Department, Universidade Federal de São Carlos
Research Activities :  The main research interest are in the synthesis and characterization of nanostructured ceramic materials for electronic application, as well as the processing of ceramic thin films by chemical route. In these areas the research focuses are: a) Synthesis of nanoparticles using soft chemical process ( water solution sol-gel method based on the Pechini process), b) Grain growth control of nanoparticles during synthesis and post annealing treatment (calcination and sintering processes), c) Nanoparticles and grain boundary characterization by XRD , HRTEM, AEM ( Analytical Electron Microscopy), and gas adsorption techniques, d) Synthesis and characterization of perovskite oxides and bismuth layer oxide thin films for DRAM and FeRAM applications, using soft chemical process and spin or dip coating deposition, e) Synthesis by chemical process and optical characterization of amorphous titanates and niobates with intense photoluminescence at room temperature, f) Synthesis of nanostructured semiconductor for gas sensor and catalysis.
Laboratory of Photonic and Nanophase Materials (no web presence)
Affiliation : Institute of Chemistry- UNESP 
Research Activities : Sol gel materials (planar waveguides, high light emissive films, phosphate colloids, organic-inorganic hybrids)
Exotic glasses for photonics (rare earth doped glasses and glass ceramics, photosensitive glasses)
Contact : Professor  Sidney J.L. Ribeiro
Address: Institute of Chemistry- UNESP P.O.Box 355, 14801-970, Araraquara, SP- Brazil

Laboratory of Ceramic Materials
Affiliation : 
Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG)
Research Activities : The Laboratory of Ceramic Materials, LMC, was founded in 1992 by Dr. Wander L.Vasconcelos at the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering of the School of Engineering of Federal University of Minas Gerais. The activities of LMC give support to teaching and researching in the field of ceramic materials at UFMG. Post-Graduate Program on Metallurgical and Mining Engineering - CPGEM (ranked as "national excellence program" by the Ministry of Education).
The LMC offers also the major facilities for the Nucleus of Application and Research on the Science and Engineering of Microstructures - NADCEM.
The major research projects related to sol-gel are:   
Structural Characterization of Sol-Gel Materials, Synthesis and Fabrication of Crystalline Ceramics and Glasses from Gels, Drying and Sintering, Sol-Gel Coatings, Sol-Gel Membranes, Biomaterials from Sol-Gel,  Nanocomposites and Hybrids from Gels,   Microstructural Modeling of Sol-Gel Materials.
Contact :
Wander Luiz Vasconcelos
Federal University of Minas Gerais
Phone: +55 31 3238 1821
Fax: +55 31 3238 1815


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Canada (5)

Brennan Research group (updated sep 17,2000)
Affiliation : Department of Chemistry McMaster University Hamilton, Ont., Canada
Research Activities : 
Sol-Gel Entrapment of Proteins for Biosensor DevelopmentDevelopment and Characterization of New Sol-Gel Based Biomaterials, Stabilization of Free and Entrapped Proteins, Reagentless Sensing Strategies, High-Throughput Drug Screening
Applied Solid State Research Group
Affiliation :
Queen's University at Kingston
Research Activities : Sol-gel Process for fabrication of  thin or thick Ceramic coatings (especially ferroelectrics and piezo electrics)
Photonics Research Group
Affiliation :Ecole Polytechnique (S.I. Najafi)
Research Activities : Sol-gel glass waveguide amplifiers, lasers on silicon. Sol-gel made gratings and photo inscription of waveguides
K. Saravanamuttu research group
Affiliation : Department of Chemistry,   McMaster University
Research Activities : Research in our group examines the fundamental properties of new classes of organic-inorganic amphiphiles, their surfactancy and ability to self-assemble into ordered phases. In combination with sol gel network growth and the in situ generation of colloidal metal and semiconductor particles, we seek pathways to microstructured materials with enhanced optical properties - in both the bulk and thin-film forms.

Materials Chemistry Research group (Ozin's group)
Affiliation : University of Toronto
Research Activities : The research of the Ozin Group is interdisciplinary inorganic materials chemistry.   The paradigm is to synthesize new solid-state materials with novel properties and functions.  It involves a creative synergism between inorganic and organic chemistry.   It embraces modern concepts in molecular recognition, self-assembly, host-guest inclusion, supramolecular, biomineralization, biomimetic and microgravity chemistry.   The materials currently under investigation include microporous and mesoporous oxide and non-oxide materials, semiconductor nano- and mesostructures, hierarchical inorganic materials and biomaterials. His group is also investigating self-assembly in the quiescent state of microgravity as a means to improve the quality of crystals and thin films of their materials. Read also about Self-Assembly in space


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Israel (4)

Avnir's Group
Affiliation : Institute of Chemistry, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Research Activities : Sol-Gel processing, Entrapment of Organic and Biorganic Molecules, Hybrids, Bio-active Materials, Organic doped Sol-Gel, Sensors.
Reisfeld's Group
Affiliation :
Department of Inorganic Chemistry, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Research Activities : Sol-Gel glass, solid state lasers, NLO, quantum dots chemical optical sensors, rare earths in glass.
Sol-gel application in biology 
Affiliation : Faculty of Civil & Environmental Eng.(web site)
Research Activities : 
-sol-gel matrices for microbial detection
-sol-gel models for adsorption/desorption of pollutants to soil
-entrapment of enzymes in sol-gel
-sol-gel biosensors

Assoc. Prof. Robert Armon
Faculty of Civil & Environmental Eng.
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa 32000
phone: 972-4-8292377
Fax: 972-4-8293309

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New Zeland (1)


Advanced Materials Research
Affiliation :
Applied Inorganic Chemistry departemnt at Industrial Research Limited
Research Activities :
The Advanced Materials group at IRL conducts research in a variety of fields, including: Photocatalyst research, Thin film materials, Sol-Gel technology, Electroceramics, Porous Oxide Systems, Other specialised films and coatings

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