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United Kingdom (15)


  Centre for Corrosion Technology
Affiliation : Sheffield Hallam University
Research Activities :
Development of anti-corrosion and functional coatings (biotic and abiotic) based upon hybrid sol-gel chemistry.
Contact: Robert Akid
Biomaterials Engineering 
Affiliation : Imperial College
Research Activities :
The group is concentrate on Bioactive glass-ceramics produced via a sol-gel route to use asscaoffolds for tissue engineering (group leading by Prof. L.L. Hench). 
Contact: Elizabeth Fielder
37 Chalfont Court, 236 Baker Street, London UK
Advanced materials
Affiliation : 
School of Chemistry, University of St. Andrews, Scotland
Research Activities :
Conducting polymers, Sol-Gel processing,  PPV-doped Sol-Gel thin films
Ceramics group (Milne's group page) 
Affiliation : Department of Materials, University of Leeds, UK
Research Activities : Sol-gel processing of ferroelectric films and powder processing
Ceramics Research
Affiliation : Institute of Polymer Technology and Materials Engineering Loughborough University UK
Research Activities :
Sol-Gel processing of Tellurites, Ba/Sr oxides, Photovoltaics
Department of  Inorganic Chemistry
Affiliation : Queen Mary & Westfield College University of London
Research Activities :
Siloxanes for catalysis
Inorganic chemistry group
Affiliation: Department of Chemistry, University college of London
Research Activities: Materials, Transition chemistry, Silyl complexes, Thiolates complexes, TiS2 synthesis via sol-gel, Precursors for CVD and Sol-Gel techniques
Biological Sensors and Fluorescence Spectroscopy Research Group
Affiliation : Loughborough University UK
Research Activities :
Sol-Gel Based Biosensors
Laser Photonics Research group
Affiliation : University of Manchester Department of Physics and AstronomyUniversity of Manchester
Research Activities : Laser development and applications Microstructure and Sol-Gel NLO
Optical and Semiconductor group
Affiliation : Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College , London
Research Activities :
Sol-Gel Integrated Optics. Group publications and PhD thesis since 1997
The amorphous solids team
Affiliation : Physical Sciences dep at University of Kent at Canterbury, UK
Research Activities : 
The site, which is currently being brought up to date, contains outline descriptions of our research into the structure of amorphous materials - including mixed silica-metal sol gel materials - using neutron and X-ray scattering methods and other complementary techniques. A list of recent publications is provided, together with appropriate links to other web sites etc..
Materials Research Institute
Affiliation :Sheffield Hallam University
Research Activities : Materials modeling, Polymer, composites and surfaces, surface engineering
The Advanced Materials Department (update Oct. 2001)
Porous media group
Affiliation : University of Kent
Research Activities : 
Porous materials characterization by NMR techniques, SANS techniques , Porous structure modeling
Department of Engineering Materials
Affiliation : 
University of Sheffield
Research Activities :
Hybrids, glass and glass ceramics by Sol-Gel. Materials for photonic applications made by Sol-Gel. The page give an overview of the department projects for 1999-2000 period.

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