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Vadim Kessler's Group
Affiliation : Department of Chemistry, SLU, Uppsala
Research Activities : The group is active in development of molecular structure design and synthetic approaches to heterometallic metal alkoxide complexes. The systems studied include oxides as BaTiO3, MoO3, WO3, Bi2Mo6, LiNbO3, MO-M'2O5 (M= Co, Ni, Mg, Zn; M'= Nb, Ta) and spinels MAl2O4 (M= Mn-Zn), sulfides as MoS2, and mixed Mo-Nb and Mo-Re sulfides and nanocomposite materials with sulfides and oxides introduced into micro- and mesoporous matrices. Metal silsesquioxane derivatives of late transition metals are investigated as molecular models of nanocomposites. Vadim is the Co-Editor of a recent book "The Chemistry of Metal Alkoxides"
Westin's Sol-Gel group  
Affiliation : Dept. of Inorganic Chemistry, Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University
Research Activities :
Describes the current research projects of the "sol-gel group" led by G. Westin at Uppsala University (Until 1 Jan 2000, at Stockholm University).
The research projects span from fundamental to applied character. The areas involve alkoxide synthesis and characterization with emphasis on the heterometallic 3d-block and rare-earth element (mainly Er) containing alkoxides.
Detailed studies on the hydrolysis-condensation reactions of heterometallic alkoxides.
Detailed studies on the phase evolution of heterometallic gels on heat-treatment to form oxides.
Studies are made on: Er(Yb) doped wave-guides, Grätzel type solar cells, ZnO-based varistors, WC-Co and metal-alumina compacts, transparent, conducting ZnO.Al electrodes, perovskites (YBaCuO, PZT, PLZT, LaSrNiO, LaSrCoO, CaLaMnO, LaNiO, niobates, MnYO), metal nano-particles in alumina matrixes, photo and thermo catalysis, nano-structures films (TiO2, TiO2-NbO2.5, TiO2-ZrO2), LaYO3, nano-structured metal films and porous electrodes. (19 pages)
Condensed Matter Physics
Affiliation :
Chalmers University 
Research Activities :
Sol-Gel Erbium made glasses for all optical devices.

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