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Center of Excellence "Sol-Gel Materials and Nanotechnology
Affiliation : Wrocław University of Technology, Institute of Materials Science and Applied Mechanics
Research Activities :
The following technology themes are under current development in the Center of Excellence:
  • fabrication of porous or monolithic and thin film glasses,
  • fabrication of optical sensors (optodes) of various physical and chemical parameters,
  • fabrication of pure and doped submicron spherical particles.

We are involved in organizing and co-ordination of the network of scientific, industrial and governmental institutions aimed at enhancing of cooperation between them and yielding joint projects. The Center is also involved in preparing, editing, printing and providing via the internet of "Materials Science" (  ( ).
We organize the International Conference on Sol-Gel Materials (see  ).

Bio Optics Group (updated Dec. 2002)
Affiliation :
 Institute of Physics, Wrocław University of Technology
Research Activities :
Bio-OPtics Group of Institute of Physics, Wrocław University of Technology. The area of interest is connected with biooptics and biometrics. The research field of the sol-gel technology division is the sol-gel process and sol-gel materials features and applications. The fibreoptic sol-gel sensors based on the doped sol-gel opt(r)ode are the main targets of the leaded projects, along with studies of sol-gels structural and optical properties.

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