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Ireland (2)


Optical Sensor laboratory  
Affiliation :
School of Physical Sciences, Dublin City University, Ireland
Research Activities :
Research activity is concentrated mainly on the use of planar waveguides and optical fibres for chemical sensing with particular expertise in the following areas : evanescent-wave sensors, fibre and planar waveguide based infrared-transmitting fibres/lasers remote fibre. The sol-gel activities includes the following areas:
Characterisation of Sol-Gel-Derived Thin Sensor Films
Microfabrication with Ultra Violet-Assisted Sol-gel Technology (MUVAST)
Applications of Soft Lithography in Optical Sensing
Group Publications

NCST National Center for Sensor Technology 
Affiliation : Dublin City University
Research Activities :
The National Centre for Sensor Research (NCSR)  is a multidisciplinary research facility focused on the development of chemical sensors and biosensors for biomedical, environmental, food safety, and  biotechnology. Sol-Gel is one of the technologies used for the sensor materials   

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