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Belgium (2)


Laboratoire de Génie Chimique et de Génie Carbochimique
Affiliation :
Department of Chemical Engineering, Université de Liège
Research Activities :
Catalysis and catalytical reactors, porous media and Sol-Gel

Solide state chemistry and ceramic superconductors group 
Affiliation : Laboratory of General and Inorganic Chemistry University of Gent, Belgium
Research Activities : Decomposition kinetics of consecutive solid state reactions by thermal analysis and evolved gas analysis Synthesis and characterisation of superconducting solids of the family YBCO, BSCCO, HgBCCO en TlBCCO. Study of spin coated deposition of CeO2 gels and magnetic inks. Formations of Ag whiskers for texturisation of Bi-based composites. Application of spray drying in the synthesis of drugs, ceramics and heterogeneous catalysts.  Deposition of thick ceramic coatings using flame spray pyrolysis for the construction and reconstruction of magnetron targets. Study of superconducting composites (polymer-ceramic, oxide-ceramic and metal-ceramic)