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Gelb Research Group
Affiliation : Department of Chemistry, Washington University in St. Louis
Research Activities :
Research in our group is in the area of molecular simulation and its application to nanoscale systems, including nanostructured and porous materials, sol-gels, and nanophase fluid phenomena.
Groves Lab
Affiliation : Department of Chemistry, Princeton University, USA
Research Activities : Molecular probes. Metal-oxo and metal-peroxo intermediates in oxidative catalysis. Molecular self-assembly in models of biomembranes. Strategies for the assembly of biogenic hard materials. biological targets of peroxynitrite.
Giannelis Research Group
Affiliation : Cornell University
Research Activities : Polymer silicate nanocomposites
Gulari Group
Affiliation :  Chemical enigineering, University of Michigan (USA)
Research Activities : Catalyst for fuel Cells, Sol-gel Catalysts for clean air, Biochips and thin films
Hubert's aerogel page
Affiliation : Los Alamos National Laboratory
Research Activities : Mainly aerogel related Links and short literature references
Klein' s  group
Affiliation :Ceramic and Materials Engineering Department, Rutgers University, NJ
Research Activities :The group focuses on the preparation and use of sol-gel materials, for a variety of glasses, glass-ceramics and polycrystalline ceramics for optical electronics and batteries and fuel cells applications..
Laboratory for Telecommunications and Thin Films
Affiliation : Optical Science Center, University of Arizona, Arizona (USA)
Research Activities : Hybrid sol-gel structures for micro optics and waveguides. Sol-gel hybrid luminescent materials.
Laura's Muller home page  
Affiliation : Chemistry department, Wheaton College, Norton, Ma
Research Activities : Aging and drying analysis and study in the sol-gel process. Binary liquid mixtures in micro-confinement. Pore-size effects on fluorescence spectra.
Lian's research group Affiliation : Research Activities : Ultrafast processes in Nanomaterials, Ultrafast dynamics in the solid/liquid/gas Interface, Ultrafast dynamic in biological systems
Lochhead Research group
Affiliation :Department of Chemical Engineering, University of New Hampshire
Research Activities :Research in our group focuses on the chemical synthesis of new inorganic-organic hybrid materials and surface structures with biological, optical, or chemical functionality.
Sol-Gel Research Group 
Affiliation :
Catalysts and Chemical technologies Department at Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM
Research Activities :The website is designed to provide information on the group's various research projects in chemistry, polymer synthesis and materials science. We have major efforts in organosilicon chemistry, sol-gel processing, hybrid organic-inorganic materials, metal alkylidene chemistry, recyclable and removable materials, and new membranes for chemical separations.
Materials Chemistry group (Laine's group) 
Affiliation :Materials Science and Engineering, University of Michigan
Research Activities : 
Major research areas for the Laine's Group include the synthesis and processing of inorganic and organometallic polymers (IOPs). Polymers are synthesized in one or two steps from simple starting materials including minerals such as silica sand and bauxite. These polymers are then processed into shapes such as fibers, films or membranes and pyrolytically transformed into the corresponding ceramic shapes. Much of the work involves using IOPs developed and made directly from silica sand or alumina. Current projects include : Organic-inorganic Hybrid Nanocomposites from Cubic Silsesquioxane, Production of Multimetallic Oxide Nanopowders by Flame Spray Pyrolysis, Neutral Alkoxysilanes from Silica, Synthesis of Silsesquioxane-Core Star Polymers
Materials for separation laboratory
Affiliation :Chemical Engineering laboratory, University of Cincinnati
Research Activities : Sol-gel processing
Materials chemistry group
Affiliation :The University of Tennessee Knoxville Department of Chemistry
Research Activities :Functionalized sol-gels
Materials & Manufacturing Directorate
Affiliation :
Ceramic Composite Research Laboratory, Air Force Research laboratory
Research Activities : Chemical synthesis of Ceramic precursors, Sol-Gel and Chemical Vapor Deposition
Materials Synthesis and Processing Laboratory
Affiliation : University of North Texas
Research Activities : Research interests focus on the development and characterization of aerogels, xerogels, and other novel ceramics for semiconductor, dielectric, energy, and sensor applications. Low K xerogel films, biomaterial growth templates, and antibacterial coatings are current research programs.
Mauritz group (updated April 2001)
Affiliation : Polymers science department of the University of Mississippi
Research Activities : The group has created a number of novel organic/inorganic hybrid materials via sol-gel reactions that are conducted in polymeric media.
Organic-inorganic nanocomposites, Sol-gel chemistry
Mecartney Research 
Affiliation : University of California, Irvine
Research Activities :
Research on microstructural development in sol-gel systems, thin films, powders, bulk ceramics, in-situ TEM studies of crystallization, cryo-TEM of liquid sols and gels, sol-gel oxide systems including lithium niobate, strontium barium niobate, vanadium pentoxide, barium titanate, barium strontium titanate, potassium niobate, silica, lead zirconium titanate.
New York Center for Polymer Synthesis  
Affiliation : Department of Chemistry, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Research Activities : The major activity of the research group is the synthesis of functionallized hybrid organic-inorganic hybrid materials by novel sol-gel techniques. In particular, the synthesis of soluble processable functionallized siloxane oligomers by sol-gel techniques has been recently investigated. The thermal and photopolymerization of the functionallized hybrids is also pursued.
Contact: Prof.  James Crivello
Department of Chemistry
- Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
110 8th Street
-Troy, New York 12180
Nanostructured Materials Research Laboratory
Affiliation : Department of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Research Activities : Processing of Ultrafine materials with tailored size dependent properties for advanced ceramics and catalysts. Access to some details of current projects, publications and the people involved.
R&D Lab for electrochromics
Affiliation : Schott Donnelly LLC, Smart Glass Solutions
Research Activities : Sol-Gel Technology, Sol-Gel deposition of electrochromic and ion storage coatings, Synthesis of sol-gel precursors
Dr. John P. Cronin
Schott Donnelly LLC-Smart Glass Solutions
4545 East Fort Lowell Road
-Tucson, Arizona 85712
Email :
Sailor Group
Affiliation : Dept. Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of San Diego, CA, (USA)
Research Activities : Synthesis of nanophase materials for optical, biomedical applications. White luminescence of sol-gel made polymers and sol-gel made Silicate Phosphors.
Sigmund Group
Affiliation : Materials Science & Engineering, University of Florida, FL (USA)
Research Activities : Applied Colloid Science, Advanced Nanomaterials processing. Ceramic processing with sol-gel nanoparticles
Shelnutt Research Group Home Page Affiliation :Biomolecular Materials and Interfaces Department
Sandia National Laboratories and Department of Chemistry
The University of New Mexico
Research Activities :Use of molecular mechanics, quantum chemical methods, normal-coordinate structural decomposition, and resonance Raman spectroscopy to investigate heme proteins, especially new multi-heme enzymes. Develop functional biomimetic catalysts, photonic materials, and other nanomolecular composite materials based on mechanisms utilized in related biological systems. Studies of metalloporphyrin-based catalysts and photocatalysts. Experimental and theoretical studies of basic physical processes in biomolecular systems and their biomimes. Theory of vibronic states, especially as relates to resonance Raman spectroscopy.
Tanaka's Group
Affiliation : Polymer gel group at the Physics department, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Research Activities : Polymers Gels. The site provides information on current research activities and the group members. Also a brief introduction on the gels and a list of publications.
The Microstructured Materials Group
Affiliation : Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Research Activities :The group has initially investigated fundamental chemistry and physics involved on the preparation of Silica Aerogels. Recent developments includes composite aerogels, photoluminenscent silica aerogels gels, effects of microgravity on gels formation. The site is mainly devoted to Aerogesl and Light Scattering. 
Excellent starting point for Aerogels
The Center for Micro-Engineered Materials
Affiliation :
University of New Mexico
Research Activities : The Center’s specialty is the chemical synthesis and processing of ceramic related materials on a molecular and near molecular level. The Center has two main research program areas: the Micro-Engineered Ceramics Program (MECP) and the Vapor Phase Synthesis of Materials Program (VSMP). The MECP emphasizes the development of ceramic and related materials with controlled microstructures and properties in the form of films, coatings, powders and monolithic forms.
Sol-Gel glasses
Affiliation : Sandia National Laboratories
Research Activities : Specialty glasses using Sol-Gel processing, Thin film coating with Sol-Gel glasses
Sol-Gel Materials Research 
Affiliation :
Department of chemistry and biochemistry Texas Tech University
Research Activities : Nanoporous monolithic silica, thin films, spectroscopy of doped sol-gel films
Stein's group
Affiliation : Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota
Research Activities : Controlling the Composition, Architecture and Surface Properties of Inorganic and Hybrid Porous Materials. The research in the last five years has focused on the compositional and structural control of templated mesoporous (2 - 10 nm pores) and macroporous (300-600 nm voids) sieves.  The broader goals are to develop new synthetic methods for controlling the structure (pore dimensions, distributions and shapes; wall thickness; wall phase), composition and surface properties of porous materials; to fully characterize the synthesized products by a wide array of techniques; and to initiate the development of applications for these materials. Other pages links includes : Synthesis of highly ordered macroporous metal oxides, zeolites, and metals, Inorganic surface modification of mesoporous sieves, Organic surface modification of mesoporous sieves, Zinc and magnesium manganese oxides with high lithium insertion capacity, Mesoporous sieve synthesis based on polyoxometalate ions (including new inorganic anion-exchange materials), Synthesis of new polyoxometalate building blocks
Xue Group  
Affiliation : Dept. of Chemistry, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN (USA)
Research Activities :  Organometallic Silicon Chemistry, Metal Silicides, Sol-gel Materials, Sensors, Imprinted Organofunctional Sol-Gel Materials for separation, Rare-earth aluminates and Ferroelectrics films via sol-gel processes.
Zink group (updated November 2003)
Affiliation :
Chemistry department at UCLA
Research Activities : Nanostructured sol-gel thin films; Functional sol-gel optical materials;
Sol-gel biosensors.
Group Publications since 1996

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