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Advanced Chemistry Group  
Affiliation : Advanced Measurement and Diagnostic Branch, NASA Langley Research Center 
Research Activities : The research activities of the Advanced Chemistry Group (ACG) at NASA LaRC focus on the development of nanoscale sensors and actuators, aerogel composites incorporating carbon nanotubes and metallic-foam elements, optical diagnostics for wind-tunnel and advanced propulsion applications (e.g., pressure sensitive paint), and oxidation/reduction catalyst systems for gas-phase sensing, indoor air purification, and automotive catalytic converter applications. The ACG consists of civil servant and contractor analytical and physical chemists and chemical technicians. Several team members have expertise in the production of sol-gel-based thin film materials for chemical and biological sensing and global optical diagnostics. Recent research efforts focus on the development of advanced aerogel composites and Stober-derived temperature-sensitive silica particles.
Contact :Dr. Jeffrey D. Jordan
NASA Langley Research Center
MS 493
18 Langley Blvd.
Hampton, VA 23681-2199
Phone : 757-864-5067
Fax : 757-864-8315
Email :
Advanced Dental Restorative Systems program  
Affiliation :
Joint effort between Southwest Research Institute and the University of Texas Health Science Center 
Research Activities :
Overcoming the deficiencies of current dental restorative composites, thereby providing a practical replacement for dental amalgam. A total of five teams, including statisticians, are involved directly with the development of ADRS.
Colloidal silica fillers are used in "microfilled" dental composites 
Aerogel Research Laboratory
Affiliation : University of Virginia
Research Activities : Established in 1996 with the mission to investigate both fundamental properties and the cutting-edge applications of aerogels. Integrated biosensors, low -k dielectric thin films, Microscale energy transport, Nanoengineered Biogel.
Bakul Dave's group
Affiliation :Chemistry and Biochemistry, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Research Activities : Molecular clusters, Integrated biomolecular systems, Bioinorganic materials
See also :
Molecular programming of intelligent responses in sol-gels
Bawendi's group  
Affiliation : Chemistry dept. MIT, USA
Research Activities : The group research involves the study of the physical chemistry of materials of a size in between the bulk and isolated molecules. The focus is on nanometer size fragments of semiconducting inorganic solids which contain tens to thousands of atoms (also known as nanocrystallites).
QD's of CdS and CdSe
Physics Science Department
Affiliation :
Bell-Labs Lucent Technologies
Research Activities :  Self assembling colloids, Sol-gel for Optical fibers, Organic-Inorganic materials
Beaucage Research Group
Affiliation : Engineering Research Center, University of Cincinnati
Research Activities : Nanostructured Oxide Powders, Sol-Gel research, Polymer physics, Semi crystalline Polymers. Some of the main group papers can be downloaded in pdf format.
Birnie's group
Affiliation : Materials Science and Engineering, University of Arizona
Research Activities : Ferroelectric devices, Spin coating science (A nice explanatory page for spin coating fundamentals), Processing and properties of Sol-Gel derived Coatings 
Bocarsly Research group  
Affiliation : University of Princeton
Research Activities :
Physical inorganic chemistry with particular emphasis on the chemistry of excited state and charge transfer processes and chemistry of surfaces. Current projects includes Porous silicon, Cyanogels, Fuel cells and Trimer complex (Fe-Pt-Fe)
Brinker's group   
Affiliation : Advanced Materials Laboratory University of New Mexico
Research Activities : Although it  is not seen on the web site this is one of the most prolific research team on sol-gel innovation. The group web site is recent and provides information about the people, links to press releases and articles, list of the most recent patents and publications with online abstract for few of them. Research activities and a lab virtual tour is promised to come soon. If you want  a flavor of their recent discoveries and technical achievements just go to the news release page.
Catalytic and Sorbent Materials, Chemistry and Engineering Group  
Affiliation :Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Research Activities : Novel materials for adsorption, catalysis and encapsulation applications. The group works on a variety of projects related to catalysis, adsorption, and materials design. Current research projects includes :
Partial oxidation reactions over hybrid (organic/inorganic) Ti-containing gels, Synthesis of inorganic oxide materials with tailored porosities and well-defined (catalytically active) metal particle sizes using macromolecular templates, Design of zeolite and amorphous silica/cellulose composites for separation applications, Molecularly imprinted inorganic, and hybrid (organic/inorganic) oxides, Design of macroporous supports for immobilized enzymes utilized in reactions involving bulky biomolecules, Design of catalytic nanofibers based on electro-spinning of sol-gels and Computational chemistry of alkoxides and alcogel formation
Catalysis and Chemical Technologies
Affiliation : Sandia National Laboratories, Energy & Environment sector
Research Activities : Nanocluster catalysts using the inverse micelle technique
Surface and Structures
Affiliation : Department of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Research Activities :Crystalline molecular sieves that provide shape and size selectivity made by sol gel process via supermolecular templating of micellar structures.
Ceramic Materials laboratory  
Affiliation :  (Aksay's group) Affiliated with the Princeton Materials Institute (PMI) and the Department of Chemical Engineering, Princeton University
Research Activities : Biomimetics and Bioinspired Materials, Hierarchical Systems, Self-Assembly and Patterning, Multifunctional Materials, Self-Healing Materials, piezoelectric Ceramics, Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), Biosensors, Nanoscale Science and Technology, Surfactant-Templated Mesostructured Ceramics
Most of the pages describing the various topics are under construction. You can however have access to an extended group bibliography
Ceramic Chemistry and Physics
Affiliation : Manufacturing Science & Technology, Sandia National Laboratories
Research Activities : Aqueous and nonaqueous routes of powder processing. Coating processes for multi-layer ceramic-metal devices based on tape casting. Thin film deposition for flexible ceramic layers and associated thick film technology.
Chronister's group  
Affiliation : Chemistry department, University of California, Riverside
Research Activities : Dynamics of molecular solids at high pressure. Dynamics of organically doped inorganic sol-gel glasses, and development of sol-gel clad fiber optic sensors. Ultrafast vibrational relaxation in unique Molecular solids and Transient optical grating measurements of sound velocities at simultaneous high pressure and high temperatures.
Collinson's group  
Affiliation : Department of Chemistry at Kansas State University
Research Activities : Analytical, Inorganic and Materials Chemistry
Sol-Gel Derived Materials, Chemiluminescence, UltraMicroelectrodes
This is a personal page describing research topics and current activities in the group Molecular recognition, Characterization of local chemical environment in Sol-Gel films and study of molecular diffusion of trapped molecules 
Colloidal Chemistry Group (Velev's group
Affiliation :
Chemical Engineering department, University of Delaware
Research Activities : Nanostructured oxides and metals by templating techniques, colloidales crystals, Biological sensors
Colloid and Surface Technologies  
Affiliation :
Center for Advanced Materials, Clarkson University  
Research Activities :
Colloidal Dispersion and Processing (including colloidal catalysts, sols, nanocomposites), Particle Transport, Deposition and Removal, Chemical-Mechanical Planarization, Particle synthesis and properties, thin films and coating. 
Although CAMP being the center of excellence in colloidal chemistry and processing, the site doesn't provides any significant technical content.
Department of Material Science and Engineering
Affiliation :University of Washington
Research Activities :
Fiber Optic Materials Research Program
Affiliation : Rutgers University
Research Activities :Sol gel materials for optical fibers
Electronic Materials Research Group  
Affiliation :
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Research Activities : Silicon Photonic Band gap, Microcavity and waveguides. The first microcavity device based on sol-gel technique. 
The page give an overview of all group projects.
Egger's Group
Affiliation : Department of Chemistry, San Jose State University, CA
Research Activities : Sol-gel encapsulation to mimic the effects of crowding on biomolecules
Functional Materials group  
Affiliation : Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Washington.
Research Activities : Template growth of nanoscale materials,Sol-Gel processing, Micro-patterning of ceramics using soft lithography and sol-gel, low-k materials, soft lithography
Fourkas's group  
Affiliation : Department of Chemistry, Boston College
Research Activities : Dynamics of liquids confined in sol-gel glasses , Ultrafast Spectroscopy, Long range hydrophobic interactions.
The unifying theme of the research is studying and controlling the microscopic properties of condensed-phase systems. Extended list of group publications and overview of the different group research topics.  

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