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February-March  2002


Scientists Discover New Material That Expands Under Pressure
Most materials get compacted or fall apart under pressure, but scientists working in an international collaboration between the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory and the School of Chemical Sciences at England’s University of Birmingham have discovered some that expand.
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Salt improves polymer emissions.
Production of organic electro-chemical cells is made easier by blending a salt with the light-emitting polymer.

Solid stop light
Researchers in the United States and Korea have brought light to a complete standstill in a crystal
by Philip Ball
Source: Nature ScienceUpdate
Plastic LEDs Break Telecommunications Barrier
Greater power to transfer information using affordable materials is a prerequisite of progress in the telecommunications industry. It is now a high-tech dream that may come true and be affordable with the latest breakthrough by Technion scientists, together with scientists at the Hebrew University, using organic light-emitting diodes. 
Source: Technion
LLNL Develops
Powerful New Rechargable Battery
Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have developed and demonstrated a laboratory prototype miniature thin-film fuel cell power source, which provides portable electrical power for a range of consumer electronics. The miniature fuel cell technology incorporates a thin film fuel cell and microfluidic fuel processing components integrated into a common package.
Source: LLNL

Silicon nanoparticles now come in family of sizes and fluorescent colors.
A process for creating silicon nanoparticles, developed at the University of Illinois, has now been shown to produce a family of discrete particle sizes useful for microelectronics, optoelectronics and biomedical applications.
by James E. Kloeppel
Source: University of Illinois

Nanoparticle accelerator: Altair hopes for lift from pigment patent
Altair's core patent for making TiO2 pigment particles is likely to be approved in a few weeks. If it is, the company will control a flexible process for making literally tons of nanoscale materials in a range of types, sizes and shapes.
Source: SmallTimes

New Center of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has announced a campaign to raise the capital for a new interdisciplinary Center of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Source: Nanotech

Light trapped from Quantum dots
Swedish researchers have developed a manufacturing method that enables them to isolate and monitor the light emission from single quantum dots at room temperature
by Sara Sowah
Source: EEtimes


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