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  November-December 2001


Yale Researchers Develop First Microarray chip for complete Analysis of Proteins
Yale University researcher Michael Snyder and his colleagues have created the first microchip able to analyze virtually all yeast proteins..
Source: ScienceDaily
Tiny organic transistors may lead to less expensive, more powerful chips
Scientists from Lucent Technologies'Bell Labs report that they have created organic transistors with a single- molecule channel length.
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Source: Solid State Technology
Photonic Crystals deposited on-chip
A self-assembly technique for making practical photonic crystals on chip has been reported by researchers form Princeton University and NEC research Institute
Nanotech's Super Models
Simulation teams unravel the mysteries of the mesoscale.
by Alan Leo
Source: MIT Technology Review
Solid Acids Show Potential for Fuel Cell Electrolytes
Solid acids can, have high proton conductivities. Recent experiments demonstrate that they may be sufficient stable to form the core of new higher efficiency fuel cells.
By Richard Fitzerald
Source: Physics Today
Flexible Methods for Microfluidics
Devices for handling nanoliter quantities of fluids are creating new fabrication challenges and finding new applications in biology, chemistry, and materials science.
By G. M. Whitesides and A. D. Strook
Source : Physics Today
Magnetic polymer makes its debut
Magnetism is the latest property to be found in a polymer. Magnetism has traditionally been restricted to compounds containing metal ions, but last month researchers made a carbon-based magnet
Source: Physicsweb
Molecular "Nanogenerator" Developed that can target cancer cells and destroy them
Researchers at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer (MSKCC Center have developed nanogenerator that releases a cascade of atomic fragments known as alpha particles on the inside of cancer cells.
Source: MSKCC
Biomaterials Facilitate Medical Breakthroughs
In recent years, new materials with unique properties have emerged with the potential for marked advances in areas such as artificial heart valves, controlled drug delivery, and tissue engineering
Jennifer Ouellette make the point.
Source : Industrial Physicist


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