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December 2000

New Ultrafine Metal Powder Production process
A household blender, a laser and inexpensive precursors could produce Ultrafine particles..
Source: Penn State University
New process creates silicon-based chemicals from sand
Source: Univ. of Michigan 
Monodisperse and Nonporous Zirconia Microspheres Designed for Ultrafast Chromatography
Source: Univ. of Minnesota
Molecules sized reaction crucibles
by Philip Ball 
Source: Nature Science Update
New process for spinning continuous nanosize carbon fibers.
Source: Scientific American
No need to fear:Nanotechnology is near
by K. ManeySource : USA Today
20 Ideas That Will Rule Research in the Next 20 Years
by Matt Mahurin, Steven Pinker, Francis Collins, and others ponder the big questions.
Source Discover
Polyaniline Compounds for Protection against corrosion
Source : NASA tech briefs
Physicists squeeze laser light from silicon
by Philip Ball 
Source: Nature Science Update
Self-Assembled Materials
by W.M. Tolles
Source: MRS Bulletin 25th Anniversary Celebration
Materials Science 2100?
by R.R. Chianelli
Source: MRS Bulletin 25th Anniversary Celebration
Shining Light on Cancer
"The eradication of diseased or cancerous tissue using lasers appears a far-fetched idea. However, light-sensitive drugs are being developed that offer a mild, effective method of eradicating tumor cells without resorting to surgery"
by S.Shaw 
Source Spectra science


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