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  October 2001


Scientists make polymer holey fiber
Australian researchers have created hundreds of meters of easy-to-make polymer based photonic crystal fiber

DNA Chip gives positive ID
Microfluidic biochip promises quick, accurate identification of gene variants
by David Cameron
Source: MIT Technology Review
A better way to glue micro-size parts for medical devices
Engineers at Ohio state University have mastered a critical step for manufacturing tiny medical devices. This new technology for sealing plastic casings could bring medical nanotechnology closer to reality
Source: Ohio state University
Smallest silicon particles light way for new sensors, materials
Purdue University researchers have discovered how to harness the light-emitting properties of porous silicon to stabilize the material's surface and direct it to respond to specific environments or cues.
Source: Purdue University News
Facility will make Purdue state, national leader in nanotechnology
Purdue University announced it will build a $100 million Discovery Park and already has raised $51 million for the first building, the Birck Nanotechnology Center, that will be among the best of its kind in the USA.
Source: Purdue University News
Researchers find glass-eating microbes at the rock bottom of the food chain
A team of researchers uncovers and characterizes the process that is commonplace below the ocean bottom.
Source: University of California San Diego
UC engineers find way to build durable biochips from plastic
Chong Ahn, an associated professor in the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering, has developed a method using MEMS technology to build plastic microchips suitable for medical and other biological applications
Source: University of Cincinnati
Blue is for Biohazard
A novel sensor uses liquid crystals to detect environmental contamination
by Alan Leo
Source: MIT Technology Review


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