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August 2000

Blue Chip :Shuji Nakamura beat the titans to blue LEDs and Lasers potentially revolutionizing lighting and data storage (Feature article)
The profile of the Blue LEDs inventor 
by Glenn Zorpette 
Source:  Scientific American
Laser smashes light-speed record
A laser pulse travels at more than 300 times the speed of light
Source:  PhysicsWeb
Is the speed of light being broken ?
Discussion about the story with access to the original Nature article.
Organic electronics will transform our world..
Source:  IEEE Spectrum online
New Frontiers of Thermodynamics
Source:  Physical Review Focus
Quasi crystal metal alloys spring an electronic surprise..
Source:  Berkeley Lab
Ultra-small silicon nanoparticles  
could lead ultimately to single-electron transistors and novel semiconductor lasers 
Source:  University of Illinois *


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